Morisawa font removal September 2021

Adobe Fonts partner Morisawa will remove some of their fonts from the library starting September 10, 2021

We are occasionally obligated to remove fonts from the font library, typically at the request of the foundry.

When these fonts are removed, they will automatically disappear from your list of active fonts. This means that the fonts will no longer be shown in the Fonts tab of the Creative Cloud desktop application or in the font menus of your apps and software. You can continue to edit existing documents until November 15, 2021. Existing web projects will continue to serve these fonts unless you choose to delete them from the project. There is more information on font removal in the help page.

To continue using these fonts after they are removed, visit the Morisawa website. Subscription plans (Morisawa PASSPORTTypeBank PASSPORT) and perpetual licenses (Select PackTypeBank Select Pack) are available.

List of fonts to be removed September 10, 2021:

A-OTF Futo Go B101 Pr6N Bold

A-OTF Futo Min A101 Pr6N Bold 

A-OTF Gothic BBB Pr6N Medium

A-OTF Midashi Go MB31 Pr6N MB31 

A-OTF Midashi Mi MA31 Pr6N MA31

Kan412Typos Std R 

Kan415Typos Std R

Kan48Typos Std R 

Ro Brush Std U

Ro Nikkatsu Sei Kai Std L 

Ro San Std M

Ro Shino Std M 

TBCGothic Std E

TBChibiRGothicPlusK Pro R 

TBCineRGothic Std M

TBNPGothic Std M 

TBNPMincho Std L

TBUDGothic Std B 

TBUDGothic Std H

TBUDMincho Std H 

TBUDRGothic Std B

TBUDRGothic Std H 

Yu Mincho 36p Kana R

Yu Mincho 5go Kana R 

Yu Mincho Pr6 R