Editing an album

  1. Select an album from the Albums panel of the Organize workspace.

  2. Right-click and choose Edit.

  3. In the Edit Album panel, you can edit the following:

    • Name: Edit the name of the album.
    • Category: Select the category from the drop-down list. Delete media by selecting a photo or video and drag to the trash bin. You can select multiple media and drop to the trash bin too.

Renaming an album

You can rename an album quickly. Right-click on the album in the Albums panel and select Rename.

Rename album

Rename the album by entering the new name in the Rename dialog box.

Removing photos from an album

  1. In the Media view, select the photos you want to remove from an album.

  2. Right-click/control-click the photo, and choose Remove from Album > Select Album name of the Album from which the photo has to be deleted. (A photo can be present in more than one album.)

    • If the album icon associated with the photo is visible, right-click/control-click the icon and choose Delete [album name] Album to delete the album. The media associated with the album is not deleted.

Merge albums

You can merge multiple albums into a single album, the album created contains all the photos in the merged albums. For example, if you create a “Cars” album, and then later inadvertently create an “Automobiles” album for the same photos, you can merge both albums into one. When you merge albums, all photos are placed into one album and the other albums are removed. Photos are placed in the order they appear in the Albums panel. You can rearrange the order before or after you merge.

  1. In the Albums panel, select the albums you want to merge. Click the album name to select an album, Shift-click to select contiguous albums, or Control-click(Win)/Command-click(Mac OS) to select noncontiguous albums.

  2. Right-click and select Merge Albums.

    Merge albums

  3. From the list, choose the album into which you want to merge the selected albums, and click OK.

Delete an album or album category

Deleting an album or album category removes the album, album category, and any albums in the category, but not the photos in them. Note that you cannot delete an album category and an album in another category at the same time.

  1. In the Albums panel, click the album name to select an album or album category. Shift-click to select multiple albums or Ctrl-click to select multiple noncontiguous albums.
  2. Right click and select Delete.


    The media associated with the album is not deleted.

Reorganize albums and album categories

By default, top‑level albums are listed in alphabetical order followed by album categories in alphabetical order. You can change their order, but you can’t place albums after album categories.

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences > Keyword Tags And Albums (Windows), or Elements Organizer 11 > Preferences > Keyword Tags and albums (Mac OS).

  2. Under Enable Manual Sorting Option, select Manual for Album Categories and Albums, and then click OK.

  3. In the Albums panel, select one or more albums and album categories.
  4. Drag the items to their new location in the albums hierarchy.

    When you move an album category, the items it contains move with it.


    You can’t move a lower-level album or album category to the top level by dragging. Instead, change its group to Top level in the Edit Album or Edit Album Category dialog box.

Attach keyword tags to photos in an album

Like albums, keyword tags provide a way of organizing photos and other media files. Keyword tags as well as albums can be associated with the same item. You can apply a keyword tag to a photo even when you are viewing that photo in its album.

  1. In the Albums panel, click the album name to display the photos in that album.
  2. Click Tags/Info button in the Task pane.

  3. Either select Edit > Select All to select all the items in the Media view or click on a particular media item.

  4. Select and attach the keyword tags to the photos. From the Keyword Tags pane, right click and select Apply to selected Media. You can also drag and drop a keyword on a media item to apply that keyword tag to that media.

Create albums from keyword tags

  1. In the Keyword Tags tab, click the triangle next to Keyword Tags to expand the panel.

  2. Click on arrow widget to the right most side of the tag. The Media view shows all the photos with that tag attached.

  3. On the Import > Albums tab, click the triangle next to Albums to expand the panel.

  4. Do one of the following:
    • Drag the photos into one or more albums in the Album panel.
    • Create a new album and drag the photos into it.

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