Native 64-bit support

Encore CS6 is 64-bit native, which enables it to use the entire available RAM on your computer. You can now work more efficiently with complex projects.

Additional colors in button highlights

You can now export button highlights with 8 bit indexed colors for blu-ray discs. You can also export button highlights with full colors for web DVDs. To enable the feature, select Export Highlights in Rich Color in the Menu Properties pane.

Chapter PlayList support for Blu-ray and web DVDs

Encore CS6 includes new options that provide more flexibility when you play chapter playlists:

  • Sequential: Play chapter playlists sequentially.
  • Random: Let the player randomly select a set of chapters to play.
  • Shuffle: Let the player play all the chapters in any random order.

Encore CS6 provides only the Sequential option for chapter playlists of DVD projects. Find these options in the Chapter PlayList panel. In addition, Encore CS6 supports Random and Shuffle options for chapter playlists in web DVDs.

DTS HD support for Blu-ray

You can now import DTS HD files into Encore and build to blu-ray discs. This feature is not supported for rich media and DVD projects.

Upper Field First support for DVDs

Enhance video quality by importing a video file in Encore CS6 with the Upper Field First setting. If you transcode the file, Encore CS6 maintains the setting in the transcoded file.

Enhanced color quality in pop-up menus

Create better quality pop-up menus for Blu-ray projects using Encore CS6. Encore CS6 uses the indexing algorithm of Photoshop Library to produce better quality images with additional colors.

Pixel aspect ratio correction in Preview simulator

Eliminate distortion and clipping of menu button highlights in the Preview simulator. Encore CS6 correctly interprets the pixel aspect ratio (PAR) of menus items in the Preview simulator. Correct PAR interpretation also helps eliminate the black bar.

Additional slides in slideshow

You can now add more than 99 slides in a slideshow for DVD. Encore CS6 accommodates any additional slide you add beyond 99 slides in the last chapter.

Also, Encore CS6 lets you add 999 slides in a slideshow for Blu-ray. Encore CS6 accommodates any additional slide beyond 999 slides in the last chapter. However, you cannot use Manual Advance on your remote for individual slides in the last chapter.

Encore CS6 does not impose any such limitation on the number of slides you can add to a slideshow for web DVDs.

Option to Change the Media cache location

Change the location of the media database from within Encore CS6 for greater flexibility. .

A database retains links to each of the cached media files. This media cache database is shared with Adobe Media Encoder, After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Soundbooth.

To change the location of the database from within Encore CS6 running on Windows, choose Edit > Preferences > Media.

Performance improvements

Encore CS6 provides several features that help improve system performance.

Faster import of images and slideshows

Encore CS6 creates proxy images for the assets only after you render the assets, which reduces the time to import assets.

Less time to save slideshow projects

Save slideshow projects faster with the more responsive Encore CS6 graphical user interface (GUI).

Background processing

When importing files, Encore CS6 performs indexing and legal checks for DVDs and blu-ray discs in the background, instead of the main thread. Encore CS6 performs indexing only for assets in MPEG 2 format. However, Encore CS6 performs DVD and Blu-ray legal checks for assets in both MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 formats.

Background processing quickly releases system resources to let you import assets in MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 formats faster.

Less time to open projects

Encore CS6 stores the encoding status of each imported asset in a cache when it performs legal checks for DVDs and blu-ray discs. While opening a project that contains an imported asset, Encore CS6 quickly fetches its encoding information from the cache. The quick retrieval of encoding information helps reduce the time to open the project.

Timeline scrubbing

Scrub a timeline in Encore CS6 without worrying about stuttering in the Preview pane.

Web DVD enhancements

Encore CS6 maintains parity of web DVD with DVD and blu-ray discs. Features that work on blu-ray discs and DVDs also work for web DVD. To be able to play web DVDs, you must have Adobe Flash Player 11 or higher installed on your computer.

Full control over web DVD presets

Adjust the bit rate when exporting video to a web DVD using the wide range of Encore CS6 video presets.

You can add custom presets or remove a preset. Click the Advanced button in the Edit Quality Presets panel to customize the presets. The custom presets are displayed in the Build panel.

Multi-page menu support

Multi-page menus are now available for web DVDs in addition to blu-ray discs.

Multi-page pop-up menu support

Create pop-up menus using Encore CS6 and attach them to timelines on a web DVD. Viewers can access the timelines using a remote.

Button autoactivate

With Encore CS6, you can configure a blu-ray disc or DVD menu button to activate automatically when you navigate to it. This feature is also available for web DVDs.

End action overrides

Dynamically control navigation through a project in Encore CS6 using End action overrides. Encore CS6 supports End action overrides on web DVDs, in addition to blu-ray discs and DVD.

Menu remembers last highlighted button

In Encore CS6, a web DVD menu remembers the last menu button that a user highlights.

Menu loopback support

Now add loopbacks to a web DVD motion menu in addition to blu-ray discs and DVDs. Menu loopbacks enable the menu to quickly loop from a specific point. The feature is especially useful when a long interval separates the start and end points in a menu.

Button transition

After you click a menu button on a web DVD, play a transition for the button before the timeline starts.

Subtitle language setup menu

Use this feature to indicate the currently active subtitle track for a web DVD when a menu is displayed.