Fixed issues in FrameMaker (2019 release)

Important Reminder:

Adobe will disable support for authoring with Type 1 fonts in January 2023. See the Postscript Type 1 End of Support help article for more details.

This article contains a list of issues resolved in FrameMaker (2019 release) and subsequent patch releases.

Check FrameMaker community for solutions, workarounds, or any late-breaking information.

FrameMaker (2019 release) Update 8 - January 12, 2021


Update 8 is not offered to users on Update 7 through Help > Updates. Download Update 8 separately from here and install it manually.

Fixed Issues

  • Security vulnerability that could lead to heap buffer overflow error while using FreeType 2 library.
    (Ref – 9463)
  • When working with LDAP authentication in AEM Connector, performance issues noticed while uploading or downloading files. 
    (Ref – 9522)
  • When working with CMS, perform issues noticed while working with one-level download and checkout files feature.
    (Ref – 9458
  • Save As MIF ignores content after an apostrophe in a sentence.
    (Ref – 9364)

Update 7 is not recommended for production. If you are currently using Update 7,  we strongly recommend you to install Update 8. Update 8 is not available for users on Update 7 through Help > Updates. You can download it separately from here.

Fixed Issues

  • Security vulnerability that allowed execution of arbitrary code.
    (Ref – 8796, 8991)
  • When working with CMS, the one-level download and checkout files feature does not work as expected.
    (Ref – 9014)
  • Incorrect handling of White spaces in XML View.
    (Ref – 9099)

Feature enhancements

Single-level and multi-level file check-out options for working with AEM

By default, when you download, check-out, or open a file from the AEM repository, FrameMaker resolves and downloads all dependent files as well. This behavior causes slight lag in opening the files. A new option is now introduced that allows you to choose how you want to resolve the dependent files. You can choose to limit resolving the dependent files to one-level only. By default, multi-level content references are resolved.

Single or multi-level content resolution

New option to update assets on network drive

When working with image or multimedia files on a network drive, FrameMaker frequently checks for changes or updates in the referenced files. Such frequent checks cause blinking effect on the referred asset in the source content. In case of slower network bandwidth, this can cause a marginal lag while scrolling pages across your document.

You can now choose to ignore frequent refreshing or checking such image or multimedia files on your network drive. In the General settings in the Preferences dialog, select Do Not Check For Updated Images & Multimedia option. When this option is turned ON, FrameMaker will not check for updates in the referenced media files that are available on your network drive.


You must deselect (or disable) this option before generating output of your book or topic file, else any updates to the media file might not get reflected in the output.

Preference to restrict frequent file check on network drive

Fixed Issues

  • Security vulnerability (in specific cases) around GIF and PDF parsing. More details around the security fixes are available in the Adobe Security Bulletin.
    (Ref - 83848385)
  • Memory corruption issue noticed while generating MIF files.
    (Ref - 8386)
  • In some cases, downloading DITA map file from Adobe Experience Manager causes FrameMaker to freeze.
    (Ref - 8488)
  • For a set of template files, generating HTML5 output throws an error.
    (Ref - 8512)

Fixed Issues

  • Security vulnerability that allowed execution of arbitrary code.
    (Ref - 7375)
  • If referenced content is not a part of the same DITA map in AEM repository, then it is not published in the PDF output that is generated through FrameMaker Publishing Server.
    (Ref - 7196)
  • Error on saving EDD as DTD for DITA 1.3 topic, concept, or task type documents.
    (Ref - 7709)

Feature enhancements

Automatically check-out files on saving or opening in AEM

A new option to automatically check-out files on opening or saving has been introduced in AEM connector preferences. In the Preferences dialog, access CMS > Adobe Experience Manager settings.  

Adobe Experience Manager settings in the Preferences dialog

To enable the auto-file check-out feature, select the Enable Auto-Checkout option. Along with this option, you can choose whether you want to check-out file when they are opened or saved. After making a selection for the file check-out option, you can then choose the option to show a prompt.
If you are using a combination of check-out file on open with show prompt, then you see a prompt on opening a file from the  AEM repository. If you choose to check out the file, you get an exclusive lock on the file and you can edit the file. If you choose not to check out the file, then the file is opened in read-only mode.
If you are using a combination of check-out file on save with show prompt, then you see a prompt to check out the file on save. If the file is not checked out and you try to save the file, then you are prompted if you want to check out the file. If you choose not to check-out file, then the updates are not saved.
You can also choose a combination of file check out on open and save with show prompt to get all above functionalities.

Added a new flag to control image scaling in table cell

Earlier when you inserted an image in a table cell, the image was scaled down to fit into the cell. The auto-scaling behavior can now be controlled by adding a flag in the maker.ini file. To retain auto-scaling of an image in a cell, add the following flag in the Preferences section of the maker.ini file:

By default, this flag is not available in the maker.ini file and its value is set to false. This implies that when you insert an image in a table cell, it is inserted in the original size. If you add this flag and set it to On, then the image scales down to fit into the table cell.

Fixed Issues

  1. Even if a PDF is generated with bookmarks, the Bookmarks panel in Acrobat is not displayed by default.
    (Ref - 6044)
  2. In some cases, the transparency is not supported for .png image files in the PDF output generated through the distiller route.
    (Ref - 6595)
  3. In some cases, a black border is added for .png image files in the PDF output generated through the distiller route.
    (Ref - 6453)
  4. The DOCTYPE definition for Basic HTML output is not valid.
    (Ref - 6508)
  5. While working with dates in Japanese documents, FrameMaker uses incorrect era.
    (Ref - 6686)
  6. The original height and width property for images are not retained in the final output even if the required configuraitons are made in the Publish settings.
    (Ref - 6668)
  7. The Projects list on the Welcome Screen does not show recently opened projects.
    (Ref - 6473)
  8. In some cases, the custom color definitions do not show correctly in the Custom Ruling and Shading pod.
    (Ref - 6036)
  9. Changing the Tab Stops on a specific paragraph applies the change on all paragraphs using the same style.
    (Ref - 5242)
  10. For a set of files, performance issues were noticed when the .dita files were converted into .fm in invisible mode through an ExtendScript.
    (Ref - 6299)
  11. Some performance issues noticed while working with SharePoint connector.
    (Ref - 5632)
  12. In a highly structured document, the breadcrumb does not show the complete path of the current element.
    (Ref - 5842)
  13. When the Element Boundaries (as Tags) view is on, an extra space is noticed in the element tag following the parentheses  symbol "(".
    (Ref - 6731)
  14. When working with AEM connector and trying to upload files, FrameMaker fails to parse any xref containing mailto in the href attribute.
    (Ref - 6236)
  15. Text truncation issues noticed in some dialogs in the localized versions.
    (Ref - 6607, 6584, 6129)
  16. Some strings in the Custom Ruling and Shading pod are not translated correctly in the localized versions.
    (Ref - 5593)
  17. The Rectangle tool is misspelled in the Graphics Toolbar.
    (Ref - 6457)
  18. The string “German – Austria” in the Dictionary preferences is incorrect.
    (Ref - 5913)
  19. The string “Cross-Reference” has been incorrectly referred to as “Cross Reference” in some pods.
    (Ref - 5875)
  20. In the Import Screen Layout dialog, the File type drop-down list contains a minor typo.
    (Ref - 5215)

Fixed crash issues in FrameMaker:

The following crash and freeze issues reported by users or found in FrameMaker have been fixed:

  1.  Random crashes noticed on editing the publish settings (.sts) file.
    (Ref - 6669)
  2. In some cases, FrameMaker crashes on double-clicking an item in the Elements Catalog.
    (Ref - 6665)
  3. When working with SharePoint, opening a file using the Browse Local feature results in a crash.
    (Ref - 6642)
  4. Random crashes noticed on inserting an <indexterm> element in a DITA document.
    (Ref - 6603)
  5. FrameMaker crashes when Open Containing Folder command is performed on a newly created DITA map or bookmap file.
    (Ref - 6533)
  6. Random crashes noticed on changing the columns in a text frame on a high-resolution monitor.
    (Ref - 6125)
  7. When Xalan post-processing is configured on some specific files, FrameMaker crashes on opening such files.
    (Ref - 5939)

Fixed Issues

  • Using the Save As PDF route to generate PDF for a document containing some specific fonts for East Asian languages do not render correctly.
    (Ref - 6002)
  • Hyphenated words in Arabic language do render correctly in the PDF output.
    (Ref - 5374)
  • In some cases, when a document containing Helvetica font with Oblique Angle is saved as PDF, junk characters are found in the published PDF.
    (Ref - 5977)
  • FrameMaker does not generate a valid PDF for documents containing some specific Type 1 fonts.
    (Ref - 5748)
  • In the PDF output, the Grid lines do no render correctly.
    (Ref - 5879)
  • Scaling image using the Fit Frame (Proportionally) option does not retain the scaling properties for EPS and SVG files.
    (Ref - 6017, 6071, 5959)
  • Random image pixelation issues noticed in Responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref - 5820)
  • A .png file imported into a document does not show in the Authoring mode, but renders correctly in the PDF output.
    (Ref - 5929)
  • In the PDF output, the math equations created using CoolType fonts do no render correctly.
    (Ref - 5027)
  • Drawing vertical lines using the ExtendScript is not possible.
    (Ref - 5819)
  • The Convert Text and Graphic Colors to RGB (Excluding Images) option (label) in the PDF General settings dialog gets cropped on a high-resolution monitor.  
    (Ref - 5767)
  • Text truncation issues were noticed in some dialogs in localized versions.
    (Ref - 5615, 5285,  6014, 5883)
  • Adding a document to the Pinned documents list does not work as expected.
    (Ref - 6022, 5217)
  • The variable Name label is missing from the Add/Edit Variable pod.
    (Ref - 5571)

Fixed crash issues in FrameMaker:

The following crash and freeze issues reported by users or found in FrameMaker have been fixed:

  • In some cases, changing properties in the Object Properties dialog causes FrameMaker to freeze.
    (Ref - 6030, 5999)
  • In some cases, FrameMaker crashes on changing variable values using the Variables pod.
    (Ref - 5869, 5962)
  • FrameMaker crashes while importing a .sts file in the Word Import dialog.
    (Ref - 6005, 5951)
  • Importing a Word document containing nested tables results in a crash.
    (Ref - 5344)
  • FrameMaker crashes on copying tables with colored content from a PDF into a FrameMaker document.
    (Ref - 5634)
  • Random crashes noticed when saving FrameMaker 11 version files to FrameMaker 2019 version.
    (Ref - 5948, 5935)
  • In some cases, FrameMaker crashes on inserting a new reference element like topicref or mapref from the Elements Catalog.
    (Ref - 5637)
  • Closing a book file using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F4) or switching between tabbed  document window (Ctrl+Arrow key) causes FrameMaker to freeze.
    (Ref - 5887, 6006)

Feature enhancements

Enhanced DITA template import workflow

You can now import DITA Templates directly from a folder. While publishing PDF output via Book with Components Route, you had to specify the output template file for every different type of template. Now, you can place all your template files in a single folder and specify the location of that folder to import all template files in a single click.

In case you want to use only a subset of templates, then place those template files in a folder. While importing, FrameMaker updates only those template files that are available in the folder and the other template files are not changed. 

Improved DITA customization plugin

The updated DITA customization plugin now allows you to add constraints to the customized DITA shells. The user interface has also been updated and made more intuitive. With the enhanced DITA customization plugin, you will be able to quickly and easily customize DITA shells.  

Fixed Issues

  • Latin characters are not published correctly in PDF output.
    (Ref - 5629)
  • Having special characters like Horizontal Ellipses using Helvetica Type 1 fonts results in blank pages in published PDF.
    (Ref - 5576)
  • Content created using Symbol font is not published correctly in PDF output.
    (Ref - 5573)
  • Front matter and back matter topics get published as chapters in PDF output.
    (Ref - 5526)
  • Information related to PDF/X is added to PDFs that are not generated using the PDF/X standards.
    (Ref - 5485)
  • Information contained in <bookmeta> element is not available in PDF generated via Book With Components Route.
    (Ref - 5476)
  • FrameMaker’s 32-bit application fails to import comments from PDF.
    (Ref - 5421)
  • In the PDF output, the MathML equations do no render correctly.
    (Ref - 5120)
  • Outdated meta name generator value found in the Responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref - 5483)
  • While setting the marks and bleeds, FrameMaker does not automatically adjust the document’s page size.
    (Ref - 5470)
  • The distance between the crop marks is less and the crop marks are thicker.
    (Ref - 5442)
  • In some cases, incorrect password error message is shown even when correct password is entered in Mobile App publish settings.
    (Ref - 5135)
  • Version history of documents is not available for documents accessed from AEM Server.
    (Ref - 5048)
  • In some cases, the cross-reference formats do not update even after updating the format.
    (Ref - 3348)
  • The field labels in DITA Options tab (in PDF Publish Settings dialog) do not render correctly in French version.
    (Ref - 5619)
  • The Optimize PDF Size menu option is no longer available.
    (Ref - 5387)
  • In some cases, the Go To Next Page icon is not available.
    (Ref - 5254)
  • The keyboard shortcut for Insert Before and Insert After commands do not work as expected.
    (Ref - 5266)
  • The Scripting utility (ESTK) fails to launch in FrameMaker.
    (Ref - 5127)
  • FrameMaker 2019 class data is not available in the Object Model Viewer.
    (Ref - 5553)

Fixed crash issues in FrameMaker

The following crash and freeze issues reported by users or found in FrameMaker have been fixed:

  • Publishing a book with tags results in a crash.
    (Ref - 5636)
  • In some cases, FrameMaker crashes on publishing PDF output for a document containing transparent images (.eps).
    (Ref - 5614)
  • Random crashes were noticed on opening the Inset pod.
    (Ref - 5595)
  • If a .sts file is saved at location containing special characters, FrameMaker crashes on editing the .sts file.
    (Ref - 5486)

Feature enhancements

Enhanced PDF generation workflow

In Update 1, there are a number of enhancements made in the new PDF publishing engine. These enhancements include:

  • Unable to publish content using Courier font: In some cases, the new PDF publishing engine fails to render content that uses Courier font. This issue has now been fixed. You will now be able to use Courier font while authoring and the same is also published in the final PDF.
  • Missing RGB option for online PDF: A new option—Convert Text and Polygon Colors to RGB, has been added in the PDF (General) settings. Using this new option, you can generate PDF with the same colors that you use while authoring your documents. Colors defined and used in text and shapes, such as polygon, rectangle, or table boundaries are published as is in the final PDF.  However, you must not select this option if you want to publish your PDF with marks and bleeds.

Updated the Save As PDF workflow

While saving a document in PDF, FrameMaker used the PDF publish settings defined in the Publish Settings dialog. The output location was also taken from the Publish pod. To change the output location for the final PDF, you were required to update the settings every time.

With the Update 1 release, you get the Save Document dialog whenever you choose to save a document as PDF from the File > Save As PDF menu. In the Save Document dialog, you can select a location to save the PDF file. This does not impact your PDF settings. The location specified in the settings file (in Publish pod) and the Save Document dialog are mutually exclusive.

This change in the workflow also resolved the issue of overwriting an existing PDF file. If you try to publish a PDF at the same location with the same filename, FrameMaker displays a warning message. Only if you confirm to overwrite the existing file, FrameMaker overwrites the older version of the file.

Upgraded OpenSSL integration

FrameMaker Update 1 now supports OpenSSL version 1.1.1. FrameMaker uses OpenSSL when establishing a connection with any HTTPS server using WebDAV.

Fixed Issues

  • In some cases, publishing PDF via book route fails to render content that uses Courier font.
    (Ref - 3836, 5172)
  • For a set of files, text overlaps the text frame or table boundaries in the generated PDF output.
    (Ref - 5248)
  • Entries in the Interface section in the Preferences dialog are not available in the supported locales.
    (Ref - 5175)
  • Insert > Generate QR Code menu entry is not available in the supported locales.
    (Ref - 5176)
  • Misplaced Help icons found in the Publish Settings (dialog) > Style Mapping > General Settings section.
    (Ref - 5216)
  • FrameMaker fails to create a backup file even if Auto Save Every <x> Minutes option is enabled.
    (Ref - 5241)
  • Generating a PDF output using the High Quality Print preset renders CMYK colors in EPS files in RGB color space.
    (Ref - 5244)
  • FrameMaker’s user interface does not scale properly in a multiple monitors setup.
    (Ref - 5252)
  • When PDF output generation workflow fails via Save As PDF route, no error message is displayed.
    (Ref - 5297)
  • Some images and content in FrameMaker Help are not available in the supported locales.
    (Ref - 2107)
  • While generating a PDF, no warning message is displayed on overwriting an existing PDF.
    (Ref - 4683)
  • In PDF output, there is no option to render text and shape colors in RGB.
    (Ref - 5204)
  • While generating a PDF, the final output is stored in a subdirectory created within the specified Output Folder location.
    (Ref - 4682)
  • Improved PDF/X compliant PDF generation workflow.
    (Ref - 5247)
Fixed crash issues in FrameMaker The following crash and freeze issues reported by users or found in FrameMaker have been fixed:
  • Saving a book file after generating a PDF results in a crash.
    (Ref - 5177)
  • FrameMaker crashes on editing a file after generating a PDF with All Pinter’s Marks option enabled.
    (Ref - 5371)
  • Saving all files in a book after generating a PDF results in a crash.
    (Ref - 5162)
  • FrameMaker’s 64-bit application crashes on importing a .u3d file.
    (Ref - 5240)
  • In some cases, FrameMaker crashes on closing files without saving.
    (Ref - 5369)


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