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Release Information

Products Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.3
Type Service Pack Release
Date September 12, 2018
Download URL AEM on PackageShare


Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 Cumulative Fix Pack ( was released on November 15, 2018. It is the latest Cumulative Fix Pack (CFP) for AEM 6.3 that includes the most recent fixes. AEM CFP is dependent on AEM Install AEM SP before installing AEM CFP


Upgrading to a new version of the 1.6.x S3 Connector

It is recommended to upgrade to a new version of the 1.6.X (1.6.1 or above) S3 connector from the Adobe repository before upgrading to AEM 


Adobe introduces a new option Use filesystem output cache in the Adobe Granite HTML Library Manager configuration, which is by default set to "True." The filestore location would be under crx-quickstart/launchpad/felix/bundle[x]/data/outputcache, where [x] represents the bundle id.

Be aware that this option must be used after installing AEM with the "Use filesystem Output Cache" configuration option enabled to remove the cached Clientlibs.

What's included in AEM

AEM is an important update that includes performance, stability, security and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of AEM 6.3 in April 2017.

It is also cumulative which means that includes all AEM 6.3 service packs and cumulative fix packs release before it.

Some of the key highlights of are:

  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.6.13.
  • Removed NPE handling, POI library version is updated to 3.17.
  • Added support to see static renditions of EPS files
  • Introduced new asset UUID's in addition to existing relative asset path and Multiple InDesign Server Pool support. 
  • Added support for dynamic conditional metaschema. 
  • Enabled "Asset Download" option on Content Fragments.
  • Image editor enhancements in page authoring. 
  • Versioning: Compare Content Fragments Side-by-Side. 
  • Added the capability to annotate Content Fragments. 


For AEM instances with a version lower than, Adobe recommends to deploy SP/CFP via the install folder for customers having a large number of users on AEM instance.

List of changes


  • HTML Template Language Specification 1.4 features backported to AEM NPR-24585
  • [Touch UI]  jcr:lastModified and jcr:lastModifiedBy properties are not updated when updating a Tag. NPR-24835: Hotfix for CQ-4246539
  • MSM LiveRelationship: effective RolloutConfig wrong if BlueprintConfig is on root. NPR-24288, NPR-24435: Hotfix for CQ-4243000
  • Version Manager retrieves different results with and without recursive flag on/off. Version Purge can attempt to load version history on a non-versionable node causing exception. NPR-25550: Hotfix for CQ-4211271
  • [Touch UI] Tag editor modifies jcr:title on /etc/tags but throws exception when user doesn't have permission. NPR-25605: Hotfix for CQ-4251058
  • For a nested parsys components, always the first (with least nested path) satisfying design is applied from multiple available components. For more information, see Design Path Resolution. NPR-24970, NPR-24972: Hotfix for CQ-4247978, CQ-4246276
  • Image Editor enhancements backported to AEM NPR-24467
  • Unable to upload page thumbnail in Template Properties dialog. NPR-23555: Hotfix for CQ-4225987
  • When defining a cq:tagName property in a cq:htmlTag node, the tag name is not considered if the component is included via JSP. NPR-24443: Hotfix for CQ-4244120
  • [Touch UI] Virtual components are not visible in siderail. NPR-24596: Hotfix for CQ-4220154
  • [RTE] Hyperlink displays UI error message when opened. NPR-24572: Hotfix for CQ-4245641
  • [RTE] Performance issues with mandatory field indicator. NPR-24518: Hotfix for CQ-4241895
  • [Touch UI] Classic UI dialogs don’t load completely. NPR-25311: Hotfix for CQ-4249109
  • Dialog toggles to fullscreen when enter is pressed in a textfield and RTE Find plugin gets disabled. NPR-25184: Hotfix for CQ-4245893
  • RTE: List menu does not work for first indented item. NPR-24315: Hotfix for CQ-4244039
  • Nested Components Placeholder gets replaced by inner component placeholder. NPR-24354: Hotfix for CQ-4244324
  • [RTE] Trying to change the ordered list (ol) to unordered list (ul) disables the selection option. NPR-25309: Hotfix for CQ-4249785
  • Invalid data in numeric multifields on a content fragment model hangs the UI. NPR-25130: Hotfix for CQ-4248856
  • HTML Diff does not mark the differences. NPR-25299: Hotfix for CQ-4247434
  • Publishing a targeted page does not publish its related resources. NPR-24249: Hotfix for CQ-4227119
  • Assets are not published with page when published through Manage Publication. NPR-24471: Hotfix for CQ-4244492


  • CreateAssetServlet created a folder as folder.createasset.html when the parent folder does not exist. NPR-24454: Hotfix for CQ-4245826
  • Processing ZIP fails when having folder with trailing space in their name. NPR-24447: Hotfix for CQ-4245426
  • Inbox notification payload link is invalid for expired assets. NPR-24251: Hotfix for CQ-4244228
  • Unable to bulk delete assets for paths longer than acceptable limits. NPR-24906: Hotfix for CQ-4247514
  • Unable to save a member in Closed User Group through folder properties. NPR-24907: Hotfix for 4248158
  • migrateAllAssets - Add support for batch processing and improve AEM method that adds UUID to old assets. NPR-24862: Hotfix for CQ-4242863 and CQ-4247874
  • [Create Review Task] Due date invisible for tasks where no project is specified. NPR-24838: Hotfix for CQ-4247254
  • Asset Reports | Error while generating report after overlaying navigation links. NPR-24775: Hotfix for CQ-4248004
  • Generating Asset reports for uploaded, published, and modified assets fail with exception. NPR-25206
  • [Metadata Schema] First text and value appears blank in dropdown list. NPR-24689: Hotfix for CQ-4247178
  • Ingestion workflow is failing while uploading .docs file in author. NPR-25046: Hotfix for CQ-4248041
  • Desktop Reveal does not work on Omnisearch results view. NPR-25041: Hotfix for CQ-4248176
  • DAM Camera Raw hangs during heavy ingestion periods and throws OOM errors. NPR-24990
  • Unable to revert version of asset with special character in folder's name. NPR-25015: Hotfix for CQ-4247591
  • Returning a layer from original rendition of the image does not return the original dimensions of the image. NPR-24985: Hotfix for CQ-4248140
  • Workflow is triggered when an unpublished page is moved by a user who does not have replication rights. NPR-24984: Hotfix for CQ-4247647
  • [DAM-UI] Videos with encoded renditions do not render properly. NPR-24661: Hotfix for CQ-4247369
  • Timeout error during report generation due to large number of assets. NPR-24659: Hotfix for CQ-4228962
  • Unable to overlay action buttons to the Collections console. NPR-25555: Hotfix for CQ-4250007
  • Smart Tag Asset workflow doesn’t process AEM proxy configuration. NPR-25096: Hotfix for CQ-4248202
  • [Safari 11.1.1] AEM issues with IPAD: Unable to copy collections and fail to save folder properties. NPR-25132: Hotfix for CQ-4248943 and CQ-4240956
  • When trying to move a file to a different folder, folder with apostrophe in their name are not displayed. NPR-25125: Hotfix for CQ-4248660
  • Metadata Profiles | Unable to delete default values for multi valued fields. NPR-25116: Hotfix for CQ-4247856
  • Unarchiver process step creates a folder hierarchy containing invalid characters causing an internal server error on navigation. NPR-25230: Hotfix for CQ-4248166
  • [Column view] Unable to identify tasks as the key file shows up as blank white entry. NPR-24532: Hotfix for CQ-4246307
  • Unarchiver process step fails on ZIP having white space in their name. NPR-25691: Hotfix for CQ-4249518
  • Unable to render assets in detail view. NPR-24450: Hotfix for CQ-4245551
  • Include Summer 2018 release of Dynamic Media viewers into NPR-24365: Hotfix for CQ-4247553
  • Renaming & moving asset within an Image Set appears to corrupt the image, and renders editing impossible. NPR-24388: Hotfix for CQ-4242855
  • [Dynamic Media] Unable to add renditions to EPS images. NPR-24680: Hotfix for CQ-4243688
  • [Dynamic Media] Unable to add Image presets beyond 15, which is set by default. NPR-24669: Hotfix for CQ-4247182
  • Trying to download an asset with percent (%) character in the asset name results in an empty archive. NPR-25544: Hotfix for CQ-4250557
  • Unclosed ResourceResolver - S7SaasDamUtils. NPR-25102: Hotfix for CQ-4246110
  • Adding multiple videos in multiple parsys breaks the video player. NPR-23998: Hotfix for CQ-4242344
  • [AEM Enhancements] Introducing new asset UUID's in addition to existing relative asset path and Multiple InDesign Server Pool support. NPR-23387
  • No resourceType when parsys is filled using AEM copy/paste. NPR-25690


  • Vulnerabilities in jqueryui clientlib. NPR-25089: Hotfix for Granite-21981
  • StackOverflowError when configuring the ootb dispatcher flush agent to update aliases. NPR-24977: Hotfix for CQ-4242928
  • Remove default MERGE_PRESERVE aclHandling. NPR-24593: Hotfix for Granite-21889
  • ReplicationServlet giving the wrong content length when asset size is larger than 2 GB. NPR-24557: Hotfix for Granite-18375
  • CORS does not return Access-Control-Allow-Origin header on DAM assets. NPR-24897: Hotfix for CQ-4248169
  • Normal users can activate page locked by admin.  NPR-24461: Hotfix for CFP CQ-4211326
  • Remove default MERGE_PRESERVE aclHandling. NPR-24504: Hotfix for CQ-4245994
  • The "Number of Log Files" configuration property for size-based log rotation is capped at 50 but not maintaining more than 21 files on the server. NPR-24486: Hotfix for CQ-4243946


  • [AEM Upgrade] Unclosed ResourceResolver in NPR-24178: Hotfix for CQ-4206437


  • Package Manager status wrong after upgrade to AEM 6.3 branch. NPR-24511: Hotfix for Granite-21750


  • Workflow Starter not able to accept TypeHint value of String. NPR-24589: Hotfix for CQ-4237027
  • Unable to print annotations containing localized characters. NPR-25930: Hotfix for CQ-4247420


  • Android System WebView v54 shows black screen on videos. NPR-23966: Hotfix for CQ-4242993
  • Video content doesn't show in a split screen channel. Hotfix for CQ-4247725


  • Asset language copies are getting created when “Do not translate” asset is set on the translation configuration. NPR-25338: Hotfix for CQ-4237962
  • Strings from HTL components are not getting included in translation projects. NPR-25080: Hotfix for CQ-4207186


  • wcmmode=disabled in Target offer calls on Publish. NPR-24262: Hotfix for CQ-4244753
  • Blank rendering when using optout. NPR-24904: Hotfix for CQ-4246792
  • Update to latest version 1.5.0 of AT.js library.  NPR-24888: Hotfix for CQ-4247280
  • Issue with multiple DTM configurations. NPR-24685: Hotfix for CQ-4247293
  • Targeted component with missing offer renders the whole page instead of an empty component. NPR-25273: Hotfix for CQ-4248003
  • Target engine (mbox.js, at.js) does not use mangled URLs and uses URLs containing colons which might fail with certain deployments. NPR-25339: Hotfix for CQ-4237854 
  • [Target] at and mbox integration js doesn't support site URL without .html extension. NPR-25656: Hotfix for CQ-4223600


  • Infnite scroll for members and groups console fail in case author publish run on different context path.
  • Infiinite scroll for members and groups console fail in case author publish run on different context paths. NPR-24434: Hotfix for CQ-4246013
  • Leave comment options to be removed from the draft listings. NPR-24368: Hotfix for CQ-4245114
  • Time values in search result display server time instead of the client's time zone. NPR-25594: Hotfix for CQ-4248986
  • [File Library] Downloading assets with blank spaces causes format issues. NPR-24259: Hotfix for CQ-4245159
  • Enabling Captcha blocks the signup process due to JS error. NPR-24967: Hotfix for CQ-4225445
  • Pretty-time handlebars helper returns English translation, regardless of the page language context. NPR-24898: Hotfix for CQ-4247463
  • [Forum Search] Limitations with some special characters. NPR-24859: Hotfix for CQ-4247744 
  • [Communities Enablement] Course Completion Date is not reflected correctly. NPR-25014: Hotfix for CQ-4247602
  • Delay in reflecting added/removed attachments when using JDBC connection. NPR-25316, NPR-25287: Hotfix for CQ-4249535
  • Time displays switches when server time zone differs from user time zone. NPR-25538: Hotfix for CQ-4248751
  • Forum pagination does not update dynamically upon removal of replies. NPR-25276: Hotfix for CQ-4248975
  • Resultant messages from messaging.html page get truncated. NPR-25326
  • Upgrade to latest SCORM 2017.1 version. NPR-25074: Hotfix for CQ-4240671
  • Group Display Name and Group Titles are getting created with lower case letters and hyphens in between words. NPR-25114: Hotfix for CQ-4248278
  • [Search results] Browser back button is not working as expected. NPR-25214: Hotfix for CQ-4248574
  • [Forum comments] Browser back button is not working as expected. NPR-25191: Hotfix for CQ-4248573
  • [Catalog Resource Player] The progress status of the resource continues to toggle from completed to in progress and back. NPR-25161: Hotfix for CQ-4248933
  • Video resources url is missing the context path. NPR-25162: Hotfix for CQ-4248670
  • E-mail notification links do not append the context path. NPR-25171: Hotfix for CQ-4229079
  • [Communities Forum] Issues with Pagination click and Page load behavior. NPR-24531: Hotfix for CQ-4246109
  • Timezone conversions fail on communities events. NPR-24594: Hotfix for CQ-4247115
  • [Resource edit] Inconsistent behavior with dropdown field. NPR-24509: Hotfix for CQ-4245525
  • Email ITs failing due to NPE while building email templates. NPR-25703: Hotfix for CQ-4250962
  • Forum/Topic pagination only gets updated when the page is refreshed. NPR-25871: Hotfix for CQ-4249509
  • Automoderation sequence should be executed on UGC update in addition to UGC creation. NPR-25891
  • The Compose on behalf fields is visible to non-community users. NPR-25672: Hotfix for CQ-4247858
  • Paginated links to threads with lots of posts does not work on Notifications. NPR-25678: Hotfix for CQ-4243038
  • On enabling 'Allow privileged', the privileged members should only be able to compose for users who are community members. NPR-25647: Hotfix for CQ-4248450
  • File attachments are not additive. NPR-23938: Hotfix for CQ-4243384
  • imsmanifest.xml can't be loaded with AEM running with context root as the link generated to identify the xml is invalid and doesn't contain the context root. NPR-25045: Hotfix for CQ-4242193
  • Forum thread issues when embedding images with very high resolution. NPR-25038: Hotfix for CQ-4244453
  • Mark all as read resets the notification counters for all community pages. NPR-25192: Hotfix for CQ-4248612
  • Unable to modify the properties of Allow Privileged Members and Privileged members. NPR-25077: Hotfix for CQ-4244592
  • Publish options disappear forpreviously published journals. NPR-25281: Hotfix for CQ-4249317
  • [Communities Calendar] ClassCastException is generated while saving the event with the new Cover image. NPR-25166: Hotfix for CQ-4248662
  • Edit ITs is failing for Relational Database (DSRP). NPR-25929: Hotfix for CQ-4251382
  • The post does not return to the unanswered state even on removing from the answered state and the score does not decrement. NPR-24410: Hotfix for CQ-4245797, CQ-4245932 
  • Vulnerabilities in jqueryui clientlib. Hotfix for CQ-4248896


  • Bypassing ghost packages from the disctribution queue. NPR-24362: Hotfix for Granite - 21392
  • [Sling Content Distribution] When generating some packages for synchronizing the users between two publishers, the users are not synchronized properly. NPR-24890: Hotfix for Granite-22011
  • [RASP Media Tests] MalformedObjectNameException - Invalid character. NPR-25031: Hotfix for Granite-18756
  • Restarting Adobe Granite Workflow Core re-runs the workflow steps from the middle creating unnecessary workflows. NPR-25057: Hotfix for Granite-22218
  • POI library version is updated to 3.17. Hotfix for Granite-22151
  • Package manager status wrong after SP/CFP upgrade. Hotfix for Granite-21750

User Interface

  • High CPU utilization is observed due to lot of requests in Admin Search functionality. NPR-24229: Hotfix for Granite-21286
  • [Pathfield picker] The browser starts from the root path instead of from the selected path. NPR-24177: Hotfix for Granite-21548
  • Path browser does not open if author instance is accessed via dispatcher. NPR-24863: Hotfix for Granite-22023
  • Invalidate Cache function does not remove the clientlibs cache from the filesystem. NPR-24664: Hotfix for Granite-17528
  • [Design Importer] Importing a page does not import the js, css. NPR-25200: Hotfix for Granite-22236


  • Incorrect link in workflow payload if page has a metadata node. NPR-25896
  • Unparsable date error when editing task from inbox. Hotfix for CQ-4249542

Campaign - Targeting

  • Create Brand Button does not appear in AEM and Hotfix for CQ-4246108

Content Fragment Management

  • Re-introduce granite internal mixins. Hotfix for CQ-4248301
  • Deletion of all the tags for a tag field is not persisted for a structured content fragment. Hotfix for CQ-4250222
  • Download button does not work for folders with a structured content fragment. Hotfix for CQ-4250243
  • [Content Fragments] Customer-driven usability improvements and feature parity with Assets. Hotfix for CQ-4247148
  • [Content Fragments] Update 6.3 FP with 6.4 capabilities. Hotfix for CQ-4247773
  • Geolocation store key expired, hence, not showing the location. Hotfix for CQ-4248398

DAM - Brand Portal

  • [Brand Portal] Publish image preset is not working on Hotfix for CQ-4246921
  • Remove from Media Portal for image presets is not working. Hotfix for CQ-4251324
  • [Dynamic Media] 'Edit' button is visible for a user with viewer permission with DM enabled. Hotfix for CQ-4234725

DAM - DM Client

  • Dynamic rendition does not display in Detail View and the Browser's Developer Tools reveal internal calls which are malformed. Hotfix for CQ-4245791
  • Node deletion after installing CFP. Hotfix for CQ-4245435
  • Dynamic Media is not supported in Experience Fragments. Hotfix for CQ-4245287
  • Adding multiple videos in multiple parsys breaks the video player. Hotfix for CQ-4242344
  • Odd horizontal scroll bar is observed in viewer preset rail and no change in preview. Hotfix for CQ-4248394
  • Edit operations are not possible on assets after moving & renaming an asset. Hotfix for CQ-4242855
  • [Viewer Presets] .js error while loading the Shoppable Video Preset Editor. Hotfix for CQ-4250438
  • Shoppable Banner preset Embed button does not appear. Hotfix for CQ-4249082
  • Downloaded zip with '%' in the title results in an empty archive. Hotfix for CQ-420557
  • Viewers called from publish node instead of IS Delivery. Hotfix for CQ-4250508
  • Conflicting implementation on the publish node when all the three components Dynamic Media, Interactive Media and Panormic Media components are used together. Hotfix for CQ-4250658

DAM - General

  • Closed User Groupss are getting vanished from the folder properties. Hotfix for CQ-4248158
  • Asset Reports | Error while generating report after overlaying navigation links. Hotfix for CQ-4248004
  • Asset Download Report, exported CSV has wrong Asset Count. Hotfix for CQ-4250789
  • [Asset Link] Align view on versions between Panel and AEM Web UI. Hotfix for CQ-4240716

DAM - DM Services

  • Unclosed ResourceResolver - S7SaasDamUtils. Hotfix for CQ-4246110
  • Dynamic Media Renditions fail to generate for EPS file (Photoshop EPS image). Hotfix for CQ-4243688

DAM - Viewers

  •  Intermittent error while oading the video viewer with new viewers. Hotfix for CQ-4250659

MAC - Test & Target Integration

  • MIME type exception occurs when creating audience in an activity. Hotfix for CQ-4245619



AEM does not include fixes for AEM Forms. They are delivered using a separate Forms add-on package. In addition, a cumulative installer is released that includes fixes for AEM Forms on JEE. For more information, see Install AEM Forms add-on and Install AEM Forms JEE installer.

Forms add-on package

Correspondence Managment

  • Edit CONTENT (letter fragment) not working - Save As Draft not retaining changes. NPR-24462: Hotfix for CQ-4245297
  • Issues while opening letters from draft. NPR-25876: Hotfix for CQ-4249756

HTML5 Forms

  • Exit event is not being fired when exiting from a Date field in AEM Form rendered as HTML. NPR-24528: Hotfix for CQ-4239352

Forms Manager

  • When an adaptive form is published, themes referenced in an adaptive form get re-published even if already published. NPR-24402: Hotfix for CQ-4245416
  • Unable to publish forms through portal on upgrading to JBoss 6.4.20. NPR-25634: Hotfix for CQ-4247426

Adaptive Forms

  • [Rules Editor] AEM forms Object Script is not visible. Hotfix for CQ-4249479
  • On clicking save/close, getting error not found and redirect URL is not pointing back to AF authoring page. Hotfix for CQ-4241160

Forms JEE Installer


  • The issues reported in the static code analysis of Connector should be fixed. NPR-22260
  • When a user submits a task in Workspace, creator name is displayed as “System Context Account” instead of user under process search. NPR-25290: Hotfix for CQ-4249331
  • [Application Management] Invalid messages on error page. NPR-23289: Hotfix for CQ-4233163
  • Forms JEE Supports PKCS#11 Mutual Authentication. NPR-21372
  • [Client SDK] Classes added to support custom payload are missing. Hotfix for CQ-4204510
  • The issues reported in the static code analysis of Core should be fixed. Hotfix for CQ-104446
  • Unable to invoke a webservice which require 2-way SSL authentication. NPR-24905, NPR-24650: Hotfix for CQ-4246794

Document Security

  • Intermittent issue while opening protected PDF. NPR-25927: Hotfix for CQ-4251387

Forms Designer

  • Unable to display encoded images over forms. NPR-24651: Hotfix for CQ-4243973
  • AEM Designer Output – Path objects are not tagged. NPR-22207

PDFG Service

  • PDF Generator service fails to convert images to PDF. NPR-25293, NPR-25292: Hotfix for CQ-4248373, CQ-4232338
  • The Paper capture service is crashing while concurrently processing of TIFF files. NPR-25068
  • The issues reported in the static code analysis of PDF Generator should be fixed. NPR-23251

Forms - Workflow

  • [HTML Workspace] When a user claims a task, count of queue is refreshed for that particular user but not for other users unless the page is refreshed. NPR-24535
  • [HTML Workspace] User inactivity timeout does not work. NPR-24386: Hotfix for CQ-4243204
  • [HTML Workspace] Tracking details missing for applications with parentheses symbol in the name. Hotfix for CQ-4242101
  • Bulk approval is broken on latest JEE setup. Hotfix for CQ-4241486
  • [HTML Workspace] An exception is thrown while saving the changes in preferences screen. Hotfix for CQ-4241485
  • An exception is thrown while saving task/startpoint on latest AEM6.4 JEE server. Hotfix for CQ-4241484
  • [HTML Workspace] Started passing date value as parameter instead of passing date object in initialize session. Hotfix for CQ-4241483
  • Vulnerable character (script tag <>) in HTTP param while opening /lc/ws. Hotfix for CQ-4241481
  • [HTML Workspace] Issue with to-do list. NPR-25088: Hotfix for CQ-4247632

Feature Packs Included


For AEM Forms customers, it is essential to install AEM Forms add-on package after installing any AEM Service Pack, Cumulative Fix Pack, or Feature Pack.


  • Added support for dynamic conditional metaschema. For more information, see Cascading metadata. NPR-22276: FP for CQ-4237413
  • Enabled "Asset Download" option on Content Fragments. For more information, see Asset Reports. NPR-22273: FP for CQ-4237410


  • Image editor enhancements in page authoring. For more information, see Image Editor. NPR-24268: FP for CQ-4245502
  • Versioning: Compare Content Fragments Side-by-Side. For more information, see Managing Content Fragments. NPR-22275: FP for CQ-4237412
  • Added the capability to annotate Content Fragments. For more information, see Annotating a Content Fragment. NPR-22274: FP for CQ-4235336
  • Allow editing a content fragment without delete permissions. For more information, see Customizing and Extending Content Fragments. NPR-25335: FP for CQ-4248750

Configuration settings for AEM Forms JEE (JBoss EAP)

If you are installing or later releases, perform the below procedure to configure settings for JBoss application server.  If you are installing on AEM Forms server running on Oracle WebLogic or IBM WebSpehere application servers, no additional configuration is required:

  1. Backup, delete, and create new module.xml file.  The default location of the file is [AEM_Forms_Installation_directory]/jboss/modules/system/layers/base/com/adobe/livecycle/main/

  2. Open the newly created module.xml file for editing. Add the following code to the file: 

    <module xmlns="urn:jboss:module:1.1"
    <resource-root path="cryptojcommon.jar"/>
    <resource-root path="cryptojce.jar"/>
    <resource-root path="jcmFIPS.jar"/>
    <resource-root path="certj.jar"/>
    <resource-root path="cglib.jar"/>
    <module name="javax.api"/>
    <module name="asm.asm"/>
  3. Create a backup of the jsafeFIPS.jar, jsafeJCEFIPS.jar, and certjFIPS.jar files located at [AEM_Forms_Installation_directory]/jboss/modules/system/layers/base/com/adobe/livecycle/main/ and delete the files from the aforementioned directory.

    Contact Adobe Support to get new JAR files.  Place the JAR files obtained from Adobe Support at [AEM_Forms_Installation_directory]/jboss/modules/system/layers/base/com/adobe/livecycle/main/

  4. (Windows only) Modify the [AEM_Forms_Installation_directory]/jboss/standalone.conf.bat or domain.conf.bat configuration files:

    • For JBoss server in standalone configuration, open the standalone.conf.bat for editing.
    • For JBoss server in cluster configuration, open the domain.conf.bat for editing.

    Add the following lines at the end and save the file:

    set ""

    set "JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS%-Dcom.rsa.cryptoj.fips140initialmode=NON_FIPS140_MODE"

  5. (Linux-based OS only) Modify the [AEM_Forms_Installation_directory]/jboss/standalone.conf or domain.conf configuration files:

    • For JBoss server in standalone configuration, open the standalone.conf for editing.
    • For JBoss server in cluster configuration, open the domain.conf for editing.

    Add the following lines at the end and save the file:


    JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Dcom.rsa.cryptoj.fips140initialmode=NON_FIPS140_MODE"

Configuration settings required for NPR-24535


The NPR-24535 is a part of The following configuration setting should be done if you are installing

The count for shared Queue doesnot refresh, by default, for other users when a user claims a task . For this, we have introduced a new property. Follow the steps below to configure this property on your AEM instance:

  1. Go to Admin UI -> Services -> Workspace -> Global administration.
  2. Export Global settings.
  3. In the downloaded XML file, add the tag <client_tasksPollingInterval>10</client_tasksPollingInterval> Here, 10 is the example value in seconds. You can modify it accordingly.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Go back to Admin UI -> Services -> Workspace -> Global administration.
  6. Import the xml file in the Import Global Settings section.
  7. You can now logout of the system and log in again.
  8. The count for shared queue starts refreshing for other users in the workspace.
  9. To turn off the polling, change the value to 0 and import the XML file again.

Configuration settings required for NPR-24386


The NPR-24386 is a part of The following configuration setting should be done if you are installing

User inactivity timeout does not work. Follow the steps below to configure timeout activity on your AEM instance:

  1. Go to Admin UI -> Settings -> User Management -> Configuration -> Advanced System Attributes
  2. Enhance the limit of Maximum Allowed Renewals of an Assertion.
  3. Configure the "Session Timeout Limit (Minutes)" with minimum value of 16 minutes.


Setup requirements


For customers with Feature Packs installed on AEM 6.3. Optional Feature Packs provided by Adobe have dependencies on the release version and service pack. If you have any Feature Pack installed, please contact the AEM Customer Care team to validate the compatibility of those feature packs with

  • AEM requires AEM 6.3. 
  • AEM download is available on Adobe Package Share, which you can access directly from the AEM 6.3 instance.
  • On a deployment with MongoDB and multiple instances, AEM only has to be installed on one of the Author instances using the Package Manager.
  • Before installing AEM, ensure to have a snapshot or fresh backup of your AEM instance. Uninstalling the AEM package is not supported.
  • Restart the instance before installation. While that is only needed when the instance is still in update mode (and this is the case when the instance was just updated from an earlier version), it's generally recommended if the instance was running for longer period of time.

Install AEM via Package Share

Perform the following steps to install AEM on an existing AEM 6.3 instance:

  1. Login to Package Share within AEM or directly from your browser and download the AEM package.
    (search for "AEM-" to find it)
  2. Install the downloaded package using Package Manager.


Dialog on Package Manager UI sometimes exits immaturely during installation of

Therefore, it is recommended to wait for error logs to stabilize before accessing the instance.  The user has to wait for specific logs related to uninstallation of updater bundle before being ensured that the installations is successful. It generally happens on Safari but can intermittently happen on any browser. 

Automatic installation

There are two ways to automatically install AEM into a running instance:

A. Place the package into ../crx-quickstart/install folder while the server is running. The package gets installed automatically.

B. Use the HTTP API from Package Manager – make sure you use cmd=install&recursive=true – so the nested package are installed.


AEM does not support Bootstrap installation.

Validate installation

  1. The Product Information page (/system/console/productinfo) should now show the updated version string "Adobe Experience Manager, Version" under Installed Products.
  2. All OSGI bundles are either ACTIVE or FRAGMENT in the OSGI Console (Use Web Console: /system/console/bundles).
  3. The OSGI bundle org.apache.jackrabbit.oak-core is on version 1.6.13 (Use Web Console: /system/console/bundles).

To determine the certified platform for running with this release of AEM Sites and Assets, see Technical Requirements.

Install AEM Forms

Install AEM Forms add-on


Skip if you are not using AEM Forms. Fixes in AEM Forms are delivered through a separate add-on package.

  1. Ensure that you have installed the AEM 

  2. Download the corresponding forms add-on package listed at AEM Forms releases for your operating system.

  3. Install the forms add-on package as described in Installing AEM forms add-on packages.


Contact Adobe Support for AEM Forms JEE installer.

Install AEM Forms JEE


Skip if you are not using AEM Forms on JEE. Fixes in AEM Forms JEE are delivered through a separate installer.

For information about installing the cumulative installer for AEM Forms JEE and post-deployment configuration, see AEM Forms JEE Patch Installer 0028.

Post-Install Instructions

Enabling/Disabling Structured Content Fragments

The functionality for structured content fragments can be enabled or disabled using:


You must enable the feature, if required.

When the service pack is installed, the feature is inactive as default.


Uber Jar

The Uber Jar for AEM is available in the Adobe Public Maven repository. To use Uber Jar in a Maven project, include the following dependency in your project POM:


Known Issues

Here's a list of known issues added by AEM

  • *ERROR *[FelixDispatchQueue] FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: ServiceFactory.getService() resulted in a cycle.)
  • *ERROR *[FelixDispatchQueue] FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: Service factory returned null. (Component: (1764)))
  • *ERROR *[OsgiInstallerImpl] []waitForTracked timed out: 2,500 ceiling: 2,500 missing: [2482], Expect further errors
  • *ERROR* Exception while processing the null. 
  • *ERROR* [OsgiInstallerImpl] activate: Cannot access repository, failed setting up Mapping Support java.lang.NullPointerException: null at 
  • *ERROR* [OsgiInstallerImpl] [] Timeout waiting for reg change to complete unregistered. 
  • *ERROR* [OsgiInstallerImpl] com.adobe.granite.workflow.core [com.adobe.granite.workflow.core.launcher.WorkflowLauncherListener] The unbindFeature method has thrown an exception (java.lang.NullPointerException). 
  • ServletResolver service missing, cannot service requests , sending status 503
  • isMobileResource: cannot check resource [/bin/receive], page manager unavailable
  • Calling the error handler resulted in an error
  • Original error null
  • Error handler
  • *ERROR* [FelixDispatchQueue] FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: Service factory returned null. (Component:
  • [FelixStartLevel] [] The unbindListInfoProvider method has thrown an exception (java.lang.NullPointerException)
  • *ERROR* Exception in handleEvent's Runnable java.lang.NullPointerException: null. CQ-4209972.
  • *ERROR* [FelixFrameworkWiring] com.adobe.cq.cq-experience-fragments [com.adobe.cq.xf.impl.ExperienceFragmentsReferenceProvider] findMethod: Suitable but non-accessible method deactivate found in class com.adobe.cq.xf.impl.ExperienceFragmentsReferenceProvider, subclass of com.adobe.cq.xf.impl.ExperienceFragmentsReferenceProvider. CQ-4209978.
  • Unable to submit a metadata form for a Content Fragment if a single-select dropdown has required=true. CQ-4245292.
  • In case of move/delete of page or move of asset, if the resource(page or asset) or its sub tree is already activated, a replication(activation) would be triggered (or requested). Deleting an asset, would throw an exception if resource (folder/asset) or subtree is already activated. NPR-24984: Hotfix for CQ-4247647
  • Errors as create component instance and Service factory returned null occurs due to repository restart:
    • [] Cannot create component instance due to failure to bind reference profileManager
    • FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: Service factory returned null. (Component: (1687))) 

OSGi bundles and Content Packages included

The following text documents list the OSGi bundles and Content Packages included in AEM


Helpful resources

Restricted Sites

These sites are only available to customers. If you are a customer and need access, please contact your Adobe account manager.