Understand how to publish content for AEM Mobile apps. Learn the difference between preflight and publish.

When you publish content such as a collection, article, or banner, you update the content to a distribution server to make the content available in your production app or in your non-preflight development app.

Publishing content does not affect the content you view in the AEM Preflight app or in any custom app in which you enable preflight. Similarly, clicking the Preflight icon has no effect on production (non-preflight) apps.

While preflighting makes content available almost instantly in your preflight app, publishing can take as long as five minutes for the content to become available in your production app.

For information about previewing content in preflight apps, see Previewing project content for AEM Mobile.


To publish content:

  1. Sign in to the On-Demand Portal using an account with the "Publish Content" permission.
  2. In Content & Layouts, select the content or collection, and click Publish.

The content is published to the distribution server.

If your content does not appear in the app within five minutes, make sure that the content is included in your app structure.

You can also publish content using the On-Demand Services APIs or when authoring in AEM.