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Insert scenario interactions

You (the author) can create scenario-based training with easily customizable scenario interactions. Each scenario template contains the complete question vs answer flow.

Using scenario interactions helps learners understand concepts better by looking at example scenarios and practicing their skills in a simulated environment.

For example, if you select the Business scenario, the flow is pre-defined as one question with multiple options. Select the number of options and select the correct answer number.

On publishing, the learner views the question. The options are displayed logically. The user has to complete answering the question by selecting the right answer. Otherwise the user cannot navigate to the next slide as the playbar and the side bar are locked.



  • No score is associated to the scenario-based interactions. 
  • To create a new interaction, always use the Insert scenario interaction interface. Do not copy and paste the slides inside the presentation.
  • Scenario interactions only work in .pptx file format. In .ppt file format, the interactions work  as normal PowerePoint slides. TOC and playbar lock do not work in .ppt format.

Create scenario-based interactions

To create scenario-based interactions:

  1. Click Adobe Presenter, and in the Insert group, click Interaction > Insert scenario interaction.

  2. Select the category of interaction you want to insert from the Insert Scenario Interaction drop down list. There are four templates currently available: Business, Call Center, Medical, and Generic.

  3. Select a scenario from the left pane. For example, if it is Medical, select Medical1.

    Inserting scenario interactions

  4. Select the Number of Options and the Correct Option. Click Preview to preview the interaction.

  5. Click Ok.

    If you want to change the appearance on the slide, you can:

    • Edit the placeholder text.
    • Adjust the image position.
    • Resize the images by directly increasing/decreasing the size or by right clicking the character and entering a different size from the resize option.
    • Introduce a new character from the Character option.

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