Create new Packages and Graphs

Learn how to organize your creations with packages and graphs.

Create packages to hold graphs, and create graphs to make new materials and other assets.

Create a Package

There are four ways to create a package:

  • Click the Create a Package with a Substance Graph button just under the File menu.
  • Choose File > New Package and select the type of graph you would like to make.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + n (cmd + n for Mac)
  • Right-click an empty area of the Explorer window and select New Package. When you create a package in this way, Designer will not automatically add a graph to the package.

Create a Graph

When you create a package using one of the methods mentioned above, a graph is automatically created inside the package. To add more graphs to your package, right-click the package and from the New menu select a graph type.

Creating a Graph inside an existing Package is a good workflow to organize your Resources, keep related Graphs inside a single Package.

New Substance Window

New Substance Window

Whenever you create a graph, you will be met with the New Substance Graph window. This window allows you to set up some default settings for your new graph.

Graph Templates other than Empty will automatically add nodes to the new graph. You're free to modify any graph afterwards and you can even create your own templates.

If you feel you have chosen the wrong graph, it is not possible to convert one template into another after it has been created. Instead, create a new graph with the correct template then copy and paste nodes you might need from the original graph.

Graph Properties are options that can change how nodes behave in the graph. All graph properties can be accessed and modified later through either the Explorer window for the graph name, or the Properties window for all others.

Graph Name

The Graph Name is the name of the resource in the Explorer, used to identify it. Graphs can be renamed.

Size Mode

Determines how the resolution for nodes in the graph is set. Relative to parent works in almost every case. Size mode can be changed afterwards in the Graph Properties under Base parameters.

Width and Height

Width and Height set the resolution of the graph. Width and height behavior is linked to the Size Mode. Both can be changed after the graph has been created, but the location differs depending on the Size Mode. For Relative to parent it is on the Graph Toolbar, under Parent Size, for Absolute it is in the Graph Properties.


Format is the bit-depth or data precision of the Graph. Relative to parent works in almost every case. You can change the format afterwards in the Graph Properties, but it is best to override it per node when needed.

What's next?

Learn how to build graphs by adding and organizing nodes here.

Have a question or an idea?

If you have a question or an idea to share, join other Designer users in the Substance 3D Designer Community. Get help, make suggestions that could be incorporated into Designer, or show off your work and techniques.

If you have new ideas for Designer nodes or features, share them with us here!


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