Limitations of importing and exporting PSD files in Fireworks

What's covered

Owing to enhancements in Fireworks, many elements of the original PSD file are retained when importing and exporting as a PSD file.

PSD import and export improvements

The improved support for PSD import and export allows you to import and export the following elements in a PSD file:

  • Layer affects
  • Layer groups
  • Transparency
  • Text
  • Slices
  • Smart objects
  • Vector shapes
  • Guides
  • Gradients

Known limitations of PSD import and export


  • Text objects with transformations applied revert to default fonts if the original font used to create an object is not found on the system.
  • Photoshop adjustment layers are not preserved when imported.
  • PSD files are not a valid file type when creating a slideshow.
  • Text on a path does not retain its original position.
  • Reopening a PSD exported from Fireworks could move the layers up or down in the stack when reimported.
  • Editable clipping mask
  • Editable adjustment layers 


  • Fireworks groups are exported as flattened layers. Blend affects applied to the group can be lost during the flattening process.
  • Images with gradient fills or pattern are exported with a random fill or pattern. There are currently no PSD Live Effects that allow you to apply these features to images during export.
  • Strokes are not preserved.
  • Blend modes don't always retain exact appearance.
  • Symbols are flattened as bitmaps.