Adobe FrameMaker | Fixed issues

This article contains a list of issues resolved in the latest release of Adobe FrameMaker and subsequent patch releases.

Check FrameMaker community for solutions, workarounds, or any late-breaking information.

Check FrameMaker User Guide for detailed explanation of features and "how-to" information.  

Update 3 of FrameMaker (September 2022 release) adds support for Unicode characters in the AEM connector, fixes for bugs related to the AEM connector and the Microsoft SharePoint Online connector, and library updates.

For more information, view What's new in Update 3 of FrameMaker (September 2022 release).

  • When files are searched multiple times in a book, the lock files are not created for files opened in a previous search.
    (Ref – 13819)
  • The translations for some labels are missing or are wrongly translated within the table shading options in the German version. 
    (Ref – 13089)
  • Hyperlinks for named destinations in the PDF output are not working with the FrameMaker September 2022 release. 
    (Ref – 13725)  


  • The table of contents doesn't function correctly in the HTML5 output generated from the FrameMaker September 2022 release – Update 2.
    (Ref – 13345) 
  • Some glossary definitions are not visible when changing the style for a paragraph that contains the Glossary marker in the HTML5 output. 
    (Ref – 12778) 
  • Cross-reference links are broken in the Responsive HTML5 output generated through the Publish command in FrameMaker. 
    (Ref – 11221) 
  • Table and figure numbering in cross-references are lost in the PDF output of DITA maps. 
    (Ref – 13702) 
  • The HTML log file generated for PDF publishing doesn't show the path to the PDF output. 
    (Ref – 12428)  
  • The FrameMaker September 2022 release doesn't display the referenced <conrefkey> when publishing to PDF.  
    (Ref – 13045) 
  • The table continuation variable is missing in the PDF output when a French character is inserted in the table title. 
    (Ref – 12786) 

CMS connections

  • FrameMaker forgets the repository name on the CMS window each time a connection is opened. 
    (Ref – 11027) 
  • Japanese characters are not visible in Adobe Experience Manager when checked in through FrameMaker 
    (Ref – 13197) 
  •  The Repository Manager doesn't display all files in the Microsoft SharePoint Online folder. 
    (Ref – 13408)  
  • Users are not notified when downloads are completed in Microsoft SharePoint Online. 
    (Ref – 13526)
  • The files are displayed in red and are incorrectly shown as checked out by another user on session timeout in Microsoft SharePoint Online. 
    (Ref – 12302 and 13525)     
  • The href selection from BrowseCMS in Microsoft SharePoint Online doesn't work. 
    (Ref – 12303) 
  • Search functionality in the Repository Manager isn't working when connecting FrameMaker with Microsoft SharePoint Online. 
    (Ref – 11125) 

Security vulnerabilities

  • Fixed .js (JavaScript) files security code vulnerability issues for Responsive HTML5 output. 
    (Ref – 13253)
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities related to NodeJS in FrameMaker Summer 2020 release and September 2022 release.  
    (Ref - 13423) 

Known issues
Adobe has identified the following known issues for Update 3 of FrameMaker (September 2022 release).

  • If you get an error code 183 while installing Update 3 of FrameMaker (September 2022 release), then you should download the installer from here. This error is known to happen on systems where you are trying to install FrameMaker in multiple locales. 
  • In FrameMaker, the CMS connector names that contain spaces don't work correctly when selected from the recent list of connectors. It's recommended not to add spaces for the CMS connector names.

Update 2 of FrameMaker (September 2022 release) contains enhancements about search in nested DITA maps, Unicode support for strings in the equation box, fixes for PDF compliance, SharePoint connection issues, and security issues.

For more information, see What's new in Update 2 of FrameMaker (September 2022 release).

  • An incorrect name appears for MiniTOC style in the French version. 
    (Ref – 12832) 
  • The spelling of DITAVal is incorrect in the DITA Options tab of the PDF panel in the Outputs dialog of the German version. 
    (Ref – 12698)
  • German version | Localization is missing in the Table Shading dialog of the German version.
    (Ref – 12677)
  • French Version | The Alignment drop-down is not displayed properly in the paragraph designer dialog of the French version. 
    (Ref – 12673)
  • Cross-reference text isn't converted properly in the Responsive HTLM5 output. 
    (Ref – 12733)
  • Conditional tags are lost in the flat book route when they are applied on the topic level. 
    (Ref – 12628)
  • URLs in hypertext markers (if they are not present in a table or don’t have a .pdf at the end) are converted incorrectly to point to an ../asset folder that doesn't exist. 
    (Ref –12619)
  • FrameMaker (September 2022 release) doesn’t display the referenced conrefkey images in the PDF output.
    (Ref – 12610)
  • Garbled characters appear if certain fonts are used as composite fonts.  
    (Ref – 12567)
  • The login issue occurs sometimes while connecting to SharePoint Online. 
    (Ref – 12543)
  • The Acrobat Preflight check fails on creating a PDF with the Adobe PDF Library.
    (Ref – 12526)
  • <alt> tag isn't available to add alternate text for the images. 
    (Ref – 12523)
  • Subscript text is converted to the normal text within the cross-references. 
    (Ref – 12469)
  • Bengali Unicode characters in the equation box are displayed as garbled characters. 
    (Ref – 12466)
  • The index file of the HTML output points to the second file in place of the first file. 
    (Ref  – 11631)
  • On performing a search in the HTML5 output, underscores are displayed instead of the topic titles. 
    (Ref – 11410)
  • Text isn't positioned properly in the PDF output generated from the PDFL workflow. 
    (Ref – 11219)
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities related to the SafeLogic binary used in the PDFL.
    (Ref – 12932)
  • The .lck lock files are not being deleted after FrameMaker documents are closed. 
    (Ref – 9629)


Fixed Issues

Update 1 of FrameMaker (September 2022 release) has many improvements like removing system-generated prefixes from named destinations, better handling of SVGs, improved handling of conditional tags in faster PDF publishing route, and security issues.

For more information, see What's new in Update 1 of FrameMaker (September 2022 release).

  • Frame data is getting exported as JPEG instead of SVG in the CHM output format. 
    (Ref – 12113)
  • Naming convention is inconsistent in the Japanese folders. 
    (Ref – 12314)
  • Table footnotes are not exported well to the XLIFF format. 
    (Ref – 12531)
  • When connecting to AEM Guides from Update 4 of FrameMaker Summer 2020 release (through Use Single Sign-On feature), a pop-up browser window appears that must be closed before the connection completes. 
    (Ref – 12296)
  • On publishing any CHM output of an SVG image, the SVG image location is different in comparison to the authoring and basic HTML output.
    (Ref – 12520)
  • SVG import uses points instead of pixels as the size calculator and ignores width or height values defined in the SVG root element.
    (Ref – 4499)
  • FrameMaker hangs on opening, saving, or publishing a specific set of books. 
    (Ref – 12452)
  • Unexpected characters are added (due to the use of color names) in filenames generated by the graphics process of the Publishing module. 
    (Ref – 11487)
  • Some symbols are not displayed correctly when the PDF output is generated for a DITA file in Right-To-Left language scripts (Arabic and Hebrew).
    (Ref – 11541)
  • The Preferences > Variables > Enable Highlight check box is getting truncated for the French version. 
    (Ref – 11517)
  • Ignore autonumbering is not working for TOC in the unstructured FrameMaker Book 2020. 
    (Ref – 12357)
  • While converting the DITA map into .fm book, conditional tag information applied on text gets lost and results in a different output of Show/Hide text using conditional tags.
    (Ref – 12358)
  • When publishing the PDF output of a DITA map via flat book route or by using the FrameMaker settings (.sts) file, an extra title banner is visible at the top of topic. 
    (Ref – 12359)
  • Link to external PDFs is not working in HTML5 output.
    (Ref  – 12554)
  • SVG files were not getting imported with the correct defined sizes. 
    (Ref – 11764)
  • Background color in CheckOut dialog is turned black. 
    (Ref – 11406)
  • If text is rotated in SVG, then it does not render correctly in FrameMaker. 
    (Ref – 10920)
  • Checkout/Checkin workflow is not working for SharePoint Online when the user who last modified the file is different from the user who checked it out. 
    (Ref – 11851)
  • Keyword or Copyright text added in File Info appears at the bottom of the HTML5 output. 
    (Ref – 11017)
  • On dragging the title bar to move the FrameMaker window, it horizontally centers the window on the mouse cursor. 
    (Ref – 11041)
  • Text frames added to an image are shown as black rectangles in an SVG within the responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 11033)
  • Sometimes .lck files are not deleted, although the corresponding .fm file is closed.
    (Ref – 9180)
  • While saving the DITA map into .fm book (using Save As), conditional tags are lost, resulting in a different output of Show/Hide conditional text using conditional tags.
    (Ref – 12457)
  • While connecting to AEM, FrameMaker crashes if Java is not found. 
    (Ref – 12323)
  • DITAVAL filter doesn’t implement the logic that if any single attribute evaluates to exclude, the element is excluded in the PDF output
    (Ref – 12405)
  • % sign is changed to %25 during HTML5 conversion. 
    (Ref – 12607)
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities related to fonts handling and improper input validation remote code execution. More details about the security fixes are available in the Adobe Security Bulletin
    (Ref – 12344, 12432, 12441, 12442, and 12439)


September 2022 release of FrameMaker comes with a host of new features and enhancements across all key areas, such as platform, authoring, review, content management system, and publishing.

For more information, see What's new in September 2022 release of FrameMaker.

Fixed Issues

  • Split feature and the styles are not working correctly in the Responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 12122)
  • TOC links are broken in the Responsive HTML5 output. 
    (Ref – 12120)
  • The second topic opens instead of the first topic on launching the Responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 12084)
  • PDF comments are not imported correctly if the paragraph has special characters.
    (Ref – 11959)
  • In the review panel, there is no way to resolve the comments imported from a shared or online review PDF. 
    (Ref – 11793)
  • In the Responsive HTML5 output, TOC autonumbering is not getting removed if the style names contain spaces between them.
    (Ref – 11514)
  • FrameMaker crashes on generating the Responsive HTML5 output if the files contain table titles in which the variables Table continuation or Table sheet have been inserted.
    (Ref – 11512)
  • Table column or row borders take precedence over the table borders if both have been defined.
    (Ref – 11510)
  • Optimize PDF Size functionality does not process the files in a book that is inside book groups.
    (Ref – 11418)
  • Auto-Checkout functionality via AEM connector is not working correctly.
    (Ref – 11408)
  • If the auto-numbering paragraph style or split Into topics paragraph style (in a settings file) contains spaces or Unicode characters, the Responsive HTML5 output is not rendered correctly. 
    (Ref – 11398)
  • Unbreakable spaces and tabs disappear on exporting or importing FrameMaker documents to XLIFF format.
    (Ref – 11393)
  • In a justified paragraph, the justified alignment is lost on pressing shift-enter at the end of a line.
    (Ref – 11370)
  • Images or tables within an anchored frame when used in the body pages through a reference page, do not render correctly in the Responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 11252)
  • Topics are not redirected to the correct IDs in the CHM output format.
    (Ref – 11249)
  • PDFs exported from the publish function have a page count discrepancy.
    (Ref – 11224)
  • Hyperlinks are broken in the Responsive HTML5 output if the URL contains a '?'.
    (Ref – 11210)
  • For any new connection in AEM, when the user sets the local folder path, closes, and creates the connection again the path doesn’t get saved and resets to the default folder. 
    (Ref – 11152)
  • Hotspots are not working correctly in the Responsive HTML5 output generated in FrameMaker 2019 and 2020.
    (Ref – 11076)
  • MathML equation overlaps on the normal text in the Responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 11037)
  • Equations and graphics with text are not published correctly in the PDF output generated via the new PDF engine.
    (Ref – 11032)
  • Paragraph styles are not visible with tables in the Responsive HTML5 output.
    (Ref – 10796)
  • Background color does not pick up the formatting as per the color change for the CharPropChange flag.
    (Ref – 10717)
  • If a paragraph contains a soft hyphen, then the review comments appear at the wrong location when the reviewed PDF is imported back into FrameMaker. (Ref – 9638)
  • Character palette and Hex Input palette close on their own in certain situations.
    (Ref – 6292)


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