System audio disabled for subscription and ASA customers


The system audio feature on your Adobe Captivate installation can be disabled due to the following reason:

Your operating system is Mac OS, and you do not have SoundFlower installed on it. Soundflower is a free Mac OS extension that allows applications to pass audio to other applications. Soundflower is a prerequisite for recording system audio in Adobe Captivate.

Setting up the Soundflower audio driver

  1. Download Soundflower from this location and install it on your Mac. Restart your machine.


    If you already have Soundflower installed, make sure you also have the Soundflowerbed application installed. If you do not have Soundflowerbed application, uninstall your existing Soundflower application, and reinstall a fresh Soundflower application with both the extension and the Soundflowerbed application.

  2. Within Soundflowerbed main menu drop-down (see flower icon in your menu bar), check Built-in Output for both Soundflower 2ch and 64ch.

    Click the Soundflower icon in the menu bar and then click Built-In-Output under Soundflower (2ch)
    Built-In-Output under Soundflower

  3. Go to System Preferences > Sound > Output, and click Soundflower (2ch).

    Go to System Preferences > Sound > Output, and click Soundflower (2ch)
    Accessing Soundflower

  4. Try playing something on your system with sound. You should be able to hear it. If you do not hear it, or you hear cracks and pops, then within Soundflowerbed main menu drop-down, select Audio Setup.

  5. Within resulting Audio Devices display, make sure the Format, Volume, Value, and dB settings look similar to these:

    • Format: 44100.0 Hz  (2ch-32bit integer)
    • Soundflower (2ch) Output: Master Vol=0.845, dB = -3.192  (no mute) | for 1 and 2: Vol = 1, dB = 0, (no mute)
    • Soundflower (2ch) Input: for M, 1 and 2: Vol = 1, dB = 40.5 (no mute)
    Audio devices
    Audio devices


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