Creative Cloud file sync | Known issues


Starting December 11, 2023, new users and organizations will not be entitled to Creative Cloud Synced files. Starting February 1, 2024, Creative Cloud Synced files will be discontinued for personal accounts that existed before December 11, 2023 (learn more here). Starting October 1, 2024, Creative Cloud Synced files will be discontinued for business accounts associated with organizations that existed before December 11, 2023 (learn more here).

Adobe hopes that your use of the Creative Cloud file sync feature is seamless, but there are a few known issues that some have experienced using the app. If you run into one of these problems, and are unable to resolve it, ask an expert on the File Hosting, Syncing, and Collaboration forum or contact support.

Syncing in batches

The Creative Cloud file sync feature uses a serialized batch mode of syncing, so sometimes, it doesn't immediately show up-to-date notifications/accurate values. This issue is only temporary and resolves as each of your queues is synced.

For example, if you drag hundreds of files into the folder on your desktop, it processes them in groups. When each batch is complete, it begins syncing remaining batches.

If you make changes in the web browser, or on another device, the first operation is processed and completed before subsequent queued requests. Therefore, you don't always see all requests you have initiated immediately update in every context (your iPhone, Laptop, or other syncing devices).

If you encounter unexpected results in one context, let the pending sync operations complete. Each request is updated, and reflects your request when previous batches have been completed. Improvements to these behaviors are in progress, so it will be more seamless soon.

Syncing Large Files

If you copy a large file to your Creative Cloud Files folder, the file doesn't sync until it is copied completely into folder. As the file is copying, the file is flagged, and your Creative Cloud app notifies you that it is "Unable to sync file(s)". Once the copy completes, it begins syncing to Creative Cloud.

File sync time estimations

During sync of a large number of files, you can see a disproportionately large amount of time remaining. As the sync engine processes the files, it provides a progressively more accurate estimate of time remaining. If you see an unexpectedly large value for time-remaining-to-sync, wait a few moments. As the sync engine updates remaining time values, you see more reasonable estimates.

To free up quota, permanently delete files

Quota usage is calculated including deleted files. To free up storage, permanently delete files from the Creative Cloud Files page. Permanently deleting a large number of files from the Creative Cloud website trash can take a while.

Permanently deleting files on Windows

After permanently deleting files from the web client and then syncing, quota usage isn't always updated correctly on Windows. Turn sync off and then back on to see an accurate update.

Syncing over quota

Your last sync operation can enable you to exceed quota with a single file by up to 1 GB before sync shows an over quota error. For example, the menu could show: 150% used (3 GB of 2 GB).

Windows first launch experience

Upon first launch, Windows Explorer restarts. The restart enables sync status icons. In addition, after first launch, or after sign out or sign in, there is a 30-45 second delay for the Sign In Dialog to appear.


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