Undoing changes

Learn how to undo the changes you make in Adobe Premiere Elements.

Undo changes incrementally

If you change your mind about an edit or effect, Adobe Premiere Elements provides several ways to undo your work. You can undo only those actions that alter video content; for example, you can undo an edit, but you cannot undo scrolling a panel.

  • To undo or redo the most recent change, choose Edit > Undo. (You can sequentially undo a series of recent changes.)
  • To undo a change, and all successive changes that occurred since you last opened a project, delete it from the History panel.
  • To stop a change that Adobe Premiere Elements is processing (for example, when you see a progress bar), press Esc.
  • To undo all changes made since you last saved the project, choose File > Revert.

To undo changes made before you last saved a project, try opening a previous version in the Adobe Premiere Auto‑Save folder. Then choose File > Save As to store the project outside the Adobe Premiere Auto‑Save folder. The number of changes you can undo depends on the Auto Save preference settings.

Undo any previous change

The History panel records the changes you make to a project. Each time you add a clip, insert a marker, or apply an effect, the History panel adds that action to its list. The tool or command you used appears in the panel along with an identifying icon. You can use the panel to quickly undo several changes. When you select a change in the panel, the project returns to the state of the project at the time of that change. The more recent changes turn gray and disappear when you make your next change.

The History panel records changes only for the current session. Closing a project or choosing the Revert command clears the History panel. While the panel lists most changes, it does not list individual changes within some panels, nor does it list program‑wide changes, such as Preferences settings.

  • To display the History panel, choose Window > History.
  • To select a change in the History panel, click it.
  • To delete a selected change, click and then click OK.
  • To move around in the History panel, drag the slider or the scroll bar in the panel. Or, choose Step Forward or Step Backward from the History panel menu.
  • To clear all changes from the History panel, choose Clear History from the History panel menu, and then click OK.
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