Adobe Presenter 11.1.5 Release Notes


The Adobe Presenter 11.1.5 release provides fixes for a number of issues across the entire product. Adobe recommends that all Adobe Presenter 11 users to upgrade to version 11.1.5 This update is available for all the languages supported by Adobe Presenter 11.

Bugs fixed in Presenter 11.1.5

  • After you launch a meeting in an HTML client, and share a PPTX file, you are unable to navigate through the file, even when the option Sync is enabled.
  • For a slide, timelines appear different for both HTML and SWF outputs.
  • Multiple animations on a slide are displayed all at once in an HTML client. The next slide then appears on its own.
  • When you share a PPT and navigate from one slide to another, the time taken to move to the next slide is more than expected.
  • When the option Sync is enabled, the Search view must not be displayed in an HTML producer output.
  • Animations do not work as expected in HTML content.
  • There is a difference in the colors of a slide background in HTML and SWF outputs.
  • The font size of an answer in the Text Area appear smaller than expected in an HTML output.
  • When enabling the Search option and after entering a search query, the sidebar does not display as expected.
  • After clicking any place on a slide, the slide does not proceed further.
  • Animations do not run as expected in HTML or SWF output, when a PPTX is shared in a meeting.
  • A PPTX slide with animation does not display as expected when shared inside a meeting.
  • Presenter behaves unexpectedly when a quiz containing matching questions is shared.
  • In a pod, content, such as PPT or PPTX do not get shared as expected.
  • Issues in file encoding.
  • Unable to publish content to Connect using Presenter 11.


To determine which version of Adobe Presenter you have currently installed, choose Adobe Presenter Help > About Adobe Presenter. The version number appears on the top right corner below the close dialogue box button.

Click here to download the Adobe Presenter 11.1.5

System Requirements

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