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How customers can use your content

Find out how licenses allow customers to use your Adobe Stock content, and how to report suspected misuse of your work.  

Customer licensing terms

Our customers can use your Adobe Stock content under our licensing terms. Adobe Stock content is offered to users on a royalty-free basis. “Royalty-free” doesn’t mean the content is free. It means the user doesn’t have to get another separate license for each use of the content once they’ve licensed it. 

The Adobe Stock License terms do not allow customers to use your content in pornographic or illegal ways. Typically, customers use stock content for advertisements, product packaging, publications, software, or digital design. 

License options for customers include a standard, extended, or enhanced license. These licenses apply to Adobe Stock photos, illustrations, vectors, videos, 3D content, templates, and Premium collection images. Stock content may be used differently depending on the type of license the customer purchases.

For more specific details about licenses, see the Adobe Stock License terms.

API program 

We offer an Application Program Interface (API) program that allows our partners to showcase and sell your content on their own sites. When a customer purchases a license through a partner site, the sale goes through your Contributor account and royalties are added to your account. If a different customer wants to use the same image, they need to purchase their own license. 

Rules around crediting you for your work.

Customers and Adobe Stock have the right to use your display name to identify you as the source of your content, but they aren’t required to do so.

How to report suspected misuse of your intellectual property (IP). 

Adobe respects the IP rights of others and we expect our users to do the same. For more details, refer to

Adobe´s Intellectual Property Removal Policy.

If your concern is regarding content posted to Adobe Stock, please visit our Adobe Stock IP Policy to review the necessary information required to review and process your notice. If you’re an Adobe Stock Contributor, please note that your relationship with Adobe is governed by the Adobe Stock Contributor Agreement.

If you have any other concerns regarding content posted to Adobe Stock, please contact the Adobe Stock contributor support team using the "contact us" link found at the bottom of the Adobe Stock contributor portal. 

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