Upgrade from Creative Cloud for individuals to Creative Cloud for teams plan

If several users in your organization are using individual plans, you can consolidate all individual plans into a teams plan to help you manage users, simplify billing, and control your organization's content.

Consolidating your individual plans into a Creative Cloud for teams plan gives you access to exclusive features like the following:

  • Adobe Admin Console for easy license management.
  • Pooled storage for better collaboration and to retain the creative assets within the company as people and projects change.
  • Advanced tech support and 1:1 Expert Sessions.
  • Unlimited Adobe Talent job postings.
  • Creative Cloud Libraries to share assets, drive consistency, and reduce rework.
  • Adobe Stock templates, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Color, and Behance for creative assets and inspiration.
  • 180-day histories of cloud documents and Creative Cloud files to review and restore earlier versions.

Upgrade your plan

You can switch from your individual plan to an equivalent teams plan or a Creative Cloud All Apps for teams plan if your organization meets the following criteria:
  • You have an existing Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, or Adobe Stock recurring plan bought directly from Adobe. Individual plans purchased through resellers and Digital River are not supported.
  • Your existing plan's billing is either annual, paid monthly, or pre-paid.
  • Your account must be paid with an online payment method, such as a credit or debit card or PayPal.
  • Your account must be in good standing, and not have any pending or overdue payments.
  • Your plan should not be in any promotional periods, such as a free trial.
  • If the subscription was initially created with a redemption code, the redemption period must have ended and the billing must have started.

The following individual products are not eligible for a teams plan upgrade: Adobe Fresco, Adobe Express, Substance, Premiere Rush, Adobe Acrobat Sign, Adobe Fill & Sign, any combination of a single app and Adobe Stock, any Adobe Acrobat PDF services such as PDF Pack and Send & Track.

Upgrading to Creative Cloud for teams plan has the following impact:

License assignment

You get administrative rights to manage software and services for your team.

You are assigned a teams license equivalent of your canceled individual plan or all apps plan, whichever is applicable.

Assets and storage

The content in your Adobe cloud storage is moved to your team storage which makes it easier to collaborate with your team.

To start collaborating, you can share content with your team.

Plan and payments

Your new plan starts immediately.

The refund for the remaining period of your canceled individual plan will be processed in 3-5 business days.

Your billing date changes to the date you upgrade your plan on.

Here is how you can calculate your next billing date:
Canceled individual plan New teams plan Next billing date
Annual plan, prepaid Annual plan, prepaid If you upgrade your plan on June 14, 2021, the next billing date will be June 14, 2022.
Annual plan, paid monthly Annual plan, paid monthly If you upgrade your plan on June 14, 2021, the next billing date will be July 14, 2021.
For information on your updated plan, billing, and payment method, navigate to the Admin Console > AccountLearn more.

Add users to your team

Your teams plan allows you to manage your licenses, users & products, reclaim user assets, enable creative workflows across your team, all within the Admin Console.

Add your teammates and assign licenses

To give your team members access to the purchased licenses, invite and assign licenses to them. Navigate to Admin Console > Overview > Add Users. Learn more about adding users.

The team members you add, receive an email with instructions on how to get started with their new teams plan and how to manage their personal Adobe plans, if they have any.

  • To accept the invite and start the account setup, the user must click Get Started in the email invite.
  • After the users join your teams plan, users that have their own subscriptions are encouraged to consolidate their plans by cancelling their individual subscriptions and moving their assets to the team’s shared cloud storage.
    • Users are offered to cancel their existing plan and migrate assets to team storage if the entitlements of their individual plan match the ones for the teams plan. For example, if a user already has a personal subscription to Adobe XD and is later invited to Adobe XD for teams, the user is offered cancelation and asset migration.
    • Users with existing individual subscriptions that include different apps and services than what's in their new teams plan will not be offered the option to cancel and move their assets to their team's shared cloud storage.
      For example, if a user already has an individual subscription to Adobe XD and is invited to an Illustrator for teams plan, they will not be offered the option to cancel and move their assets.

Learn more about how your team members can upgrade to the teams plan.

Add more administrators

As an administrator, you can delegate administrative responsibilities to others on the team. Adobe recommends that you add at least one more administrator who can act as backup if you're unavailable.

To add an administrator, navigate to Admin  Console   Overview   Add AdminsLearn more.

Create and collaborate

Creative Cloud for teams provides you with more ways to make your small business stand out. Your team can share and manage assets more easily, across devices and apps.

Explore the templates in Creative Cloud for teams.

Your team can create faster using free Adobe Stock templates — your shortcut for making brochures, presentations, signage, and more. Start browsing

Try Creative Cloud Libraries.

With Creative Cloud Libraries, your team can share assets like logos, fonts, and colors across devices and apps. So everyone’s got the right versions and everyone saves time. Explore premade libraries.

Fast-track feedback with Share for Review.

Send links to your design files and get comments right inside your Creative Cloud apps. Learn more.

Rewind anytime with 180-day histories.

Review and restore earlier versions of cloud documents and mark key versions to always keep them handy. Learn more.

Frequently asked questions

 I don't see any content in my team storage. Is my content lost?

The content isn't lost. To access your team storage, select your business profile while signing in if you see multiple profiles. Learn more.

 How can I move my assets to my new account?

The content in your Adobe cloud storage is moved to your team storage automatically. If you still want to move your content to another Adobe profile, you must first export the content from the original profile and then import the content into the other profile. Learn more.

 My teammate did not receive the invite. How can I resend it?

To resend an invite, delete the user and then reassign the license again to the user. When you reassign a license, the user receives the email invite again. Learn more.

 Can I still access the billing history for my previous plan?

Sign in to your Adobe account to view your previous invoices for the Creative Cloud for individuals. Learn more.

 Why was I signed out of my account?

We are enhancing your organization's control over content stored in Creative Cloud to give your organization more visibility into storage capacity and usage.

This update is done outside of your regular business hours to minimize impact. During the update, the Admin Console is unavailable for approximately 30 minutes for most organizations.

The update doesn't affect users. However, they are signed out of their Adobe accounts and need to sign back in.


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