Feature summary | Adobe Fresco (October 2022 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the October 2022 release of Fresco (version 4.0).

Manage design clutter with organized file management

Are you looking to manage the design clutter in your Fresco workspace? You can use the new Select button next to sorting options under Your files to move, copy, or delete multiple documents or folders at once.

Select multiple files in your Fresco workspace and quickly move, copy, or delete them

To learn more about how to organize multiple documents, see Cloud documents in Adobe Fresco.

Adjust your designs with the Liquify tool

Use the Liquify tool in Fresco to modify or adjust your designs. You can also use it to push and pull the pixels of an object without compromising its quality.

To learn more about modifying your designs, see Liquify tool.

Unleash your creativity with Kyle T. Webster's new pencil brushes

Create inspiring designs and artwork with nine new unique pencil brushes. These brushes help you detail your illustrations better while providing the same tilt and shading as the built-in pencil.

Sketch line drawings with more precision and control using the new pencil brushes

To learn more about Kyle T. Webster's brush collection, see Pixel brushes.

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