Add and use your phone number to reset your Adobe ID password.

When you log in to your Adobe account, Adobe occasionally reminds you to add your mobile phone number for account recovery. Once you add the mobile phone number, you can reset your password using a code sent to your mobile phone. 

Do not want to use your phone number to reset your password?

It is not mandatory to provide your phone number. You can reset your password using your email address that is associated with your Adobe account. Adding a phone number, however, provides you the additional convenience of using your mobile phone to reset your password. 

If you do not want to add your phone number at this point, click SKIP.

Click SKIP

Add phone number for account recovery

  1. Click the flag icon, and then select your country, for example United States.

    Specify country

    The country code of the country you selected is automatically displayed.

    Country code automatically added
  2. Enter your mobile phone number after the country code. 

    Enter phone number


    You do not have to add dashes or spaces as part of your mobile number format. The system automatically adds dashes or spaces as per the format required for your country. 

  3. Click Text me.

    Click Text me

    A six-digit verification code is sent to your mobile number.

  4. Check your mobile phone and enter the six-digit verification code. Click Verify.

    Enter verification code

    Your mobile phone number is added to your Adobe account. You can now reset password using your phone.

    Phone number saved

Update phone number

To change the phone number associated with your Adobe account, see Update your account profile.

Reset password using your phone

  1. Go to your Adobe account, enter your email address, and click Continue.

  2. In the Enter your password window, click Reset your password.

    Reset your password
  3. In the Verify your identity window, choose your mobile number.

    Verify your identity screen

    If you have not added your phone number to your account or if you choose to reset password using your email, Adobe sends an email to the address you entered with instructions to reset your password.

  4. In the Reset your password window, enter the 6-digit verification code that was sent to your phone number.

    Enter verification code
  5. In the Reset your password window, enter your new password twice, and click Reset password.

    Enter new password

    Your password gets reset.