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Common questions

  1. Adobe XD User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. What's new in Adobe XD
    2. Common questions
    3. Design, prototype, and share with Adobe XD
    4. Color Management
    5. System requirements
      1. Hardware and software requirements
      2. Adobe XD, Big Sur, and Apple silicon | macOS 11
    6. Workspace basics
    7. Change app language in Adobe XD
    8. Access UI design kits
    9. Accessibility in Adobe XD
    10. Keyboard shortcuts
    11. Tips and tricks
  3. Design
    1. Artboards, guides, and layers
      1. Get started with artboards
      2. Use guides and grids
      3. Create scrollable artboards
      4. Work with layers
      5. Create scroll groups
    2. Shapes, objects, and path
      1. Select, resize, and rotate objects
      2. Move, align, distribute, and arrange objects
      3. Group, lock, duplicate, copy, and flip objects
      4. Set stroke, fill, and drop shadow for objects
      5. Create repeating elements
      6. Create perspective designs with 3D transforms
      7. Edit objects using Boolean operations
    3. Text and fonts
      1. Work with drawing and text tools
      2. Fonts in Adobe XD
    4. Components and states
      1. Work with components
      2. Work with nested components
      3. Add multiple states to components
    5. Masking and effects
      1. Create a mask with shapes
      2. Work with blur effects
      3. Create and modify gradients
      4. Apply blend effects
    6. Layout
      1. Responsive resize and constraints
      2. Set fixed padding for components and groups
      3. Create dynamic designs with stacks
    7. Videos and Lottie animations
      1. Work with videos
      2. Create prototypes using videos
      3. Work with Lottie animations
  4. Prototype
    1. Create interactive prototypes
    2. Animate prototypes
    3. Object properties supported for auto-animate
    4. Create prototypes with keyboard and gamepad
    5. Create prototypes using voice commands and playback
    6. Create timed transitions
    7. Add overlays
    8. Design voice prototypes
    9. Create anchor links
    10. Create hyperlinks
    11. Preview designs and prototypes
  5. Share, export, and review
    1. Share selected artboards
    2. Share designs and prototypes
    3. Set access permissions for links
    4. Work with prototypes
    5. Review prototypes
    6. Work with design specs
    7. Share design specs
    8. Inspect design specs
    9. Navigate design specs
    10. Review and comment design specs
    11. Export design assets
    12. Export and download assets from design specs
    13. Group sharing for enterprise
    14. Back up or transfer XD assets
  6. Design systems
    1. Design systems with Creative Cloud Libraries
    2. Work with document assets in Adobe XD
    3. Work with Creative Cloud Libraries in Adobe XD
    4. Migrate from linked assets to Creative Cloud Libraries
    5. Work with design tokens 
    6. Use assets from Creative Cloud Libraries
  7. Cloud documents
    1. Cloud documents in Adobe XD
    2. Collaborate and coedit designs
    3. Coedit documents shared with you
  8. Integrations and plugins
    1. Work with external assets
    2. Work with design assets from Photoshop
    3. Copy and paste assets from Photoshop
    4. Import or open Photoshop designs
    5. Work with Illustrator assets in Adobe XD
    6. Open or import Illustrator designs
    7. Copy vectors from Illustrator to XD
    8. Plugins for Adobe XD
    9. Create and manage plugins
    10. Jira integration for XD
    11. Slack plugin for XD
    12. Zoom plug-in for XD
    13. Publish design from XD to Behance
  9. XD for iOS and Android
    1. Preview on mobile devices
    2. Adobe XD on mobile FAQ
  10. Troubleshooting
    1. Known and fixed issues
      1. Known issues
      2. Fixed issues
    2. Installation and updates
      1. XD appears as not compatible on Windows
      2. Error code 191
      3. Error code 183
      4. Issues installing XD plugins
      5.  Prompt to uninstall and reinstall XD on Windows 10
      6. Issues with preferences migration
    3. Launch and crash
      1.  XD crashes when launched on Windows 10
      2.  XD quits when you sign out of Creative Cloud
      3. Issue with subscription status on Windows
      4. Blocked-app warning when launching  XD on Windows
      5. Crash dump generation on Windows
      6. Crash log collection and sharing
    4. Cloud documents and Creative Cloud Libraries
      1. Issues with XD cloud documents
      2. Issues with linked components
      3. Issues with libraries and links
    5. Prototype, publish, and review
      1. Unable to record prototype interactions on macOS Catalina
      2. Issues with publish workflows
      3. Published  links do not appear in browsers
      4. Prototypes do not render correctly in browsers
      5. Commenting panel suddenly showing up on shared links
      6. Unable to publish libraries
    6. Import, export, and working with other apps
      1. Import and export in XD
      2. Photoshop files in XD
      3. Illustrator files in XD
      4. Export to After Effects from XD
      5. Sketch files in XD
      6. Third-party apps not visible in Export

Find answers to frequently asked questions on how to download, install, setup, and upgrade of Adobe XD on macOS and Windows.


Adobe XD is a UI/UX design and collaboration tool to create and share designs for websites, mobile apps, and other user experiences.

Switch easily from wireframing, UI design, interaction design, prototyping, UX animation, and sharing, all in one powerful tool.

General questions

Adobe XD is a UI/UX design and collaboration tool to create and share designs for websites, mobile apps, and other user experiences.

Adobe XD is for professional UI/UX designers creating designs and prototypes, as well as anyone learning UI/UX design for the first time. XD is powerful, yet easy to use, making it suitable for designers of all backgrounds and experience levels. 

Some great getting started content has been included right inside Adobe XD - from the product home screen, you can select from:

  • Links to UI kits that accelerate design for Apple iOS, Google, and Microsoft Windows platforms.
  • Tutorials that cover design and exporting, prototyping and sharing, and that show you hints and tips for using Adobe XD.

You can connect with other designers using Adobe XD on our forums to share your experience and get further hints and tips.

With the help of the Adobe XD mobile app, you can preview your designs and prototypes on iOS and Android devices. You can connect multiple devices to USB ports on the computer running Adobe XD. You can change your designs and prototypes, and preview the changes in real time on all the connected devices. For detailed steps, see Adobe XD on mobile FAQ.

Our team is actively listening and responding to your feedback. For issues related to the product, reach out to our experts in the XD support community.

You can connect with other designers using Adobe XD on our forums to share your experiences and get answers to questions. For more support options, go to our support page.

Adobe XD is supported on the following operating systems:

  • macOS 10.13 and later
  • Windows 10 Creators Update (64-bit) and later

Adobe XD is available in English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

You can bring in existing design work from either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Copy from Illustrator and paste into XD to continue working with vector-based content. Copy from Photoshop and paste into XD as a bitmap. You can also export XD files into After Effects through the File > Export > After Effects option.

You can also copy from any other tool that places SVG content on the clipboard and paste that content into XD, in addition to importing JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and SVG content through the File > Import option.

All identity types (Adobe ID, Enterprise ID, and Federated ID) are supported with Adobe XD and Publish Services. It is possible that an enterprise user could have an Adobe ID and Enterprise ID or Adobe ID and Federated ID associated to the same email address.

If a new user has been created, it’ll take 24-48 hours for XD to be visible in the Creative Cloud desktop application. If still, XD isn’t showing, please contact our customer support representatives.

Adobe XD on Windows

Windows 10 Creators Update (64-bit) represents the future of the Windows platform, opening up opportunities for Adobe XD to use the latest touch-enabled hardware, deliver the highest performance possible, and be available to the next generation of Windows-based devices. 

See System requirements for detailed information.

Pen and touch features are supported in the Property Inspector, the left toolbar menu and in the application’s frame at this point. The center canvas cannot be handled with touch yet; you will need a mouse and keyboard to create designs and wire prototypes on the canvas.

Currently, IT administrators cannot deploy Adobe XD for Windows and get regular updates using the Creative Cloud Packager tool.

Yes, you can share documents across platforms.

Yes, you can save your documents as Cloud Documents and open these projects using the mobile version of Adobe XD.

Native Windows 10 applications such as XD save your files automatically in the background. In case you closed a document without saving it, you can always resume your work by going to File > Open Recent, and choose the file from the list.

Adobe XD requires a modern GPU with the latest drivers installed. If you’re seeing large chunks of shifted pixels in your artboards, you should update your drivers to the latest versions to ensure the best experience with XD. Many hardware vendors do not update their drivers for older GPUs. For more information on whether your drivers are compatible, see the System Requirements.

There are specific rendering issues with two older drivers for which there are no available updates from the vendor - Intel and Intel

When using many resource-demanding apps simultaneously on your system, Windows 10 might choose to close some of its native apps running in the background to optimize its performance. In such situations, Adobe XD saves your file automatically and you can resume your work by going to File > Open Recent, and choose the file from the list.

Yes, you can share your prototypes.

Importing and exporting

Files are saved locally with the file extension .xd. Cloud documents are not saved to your local file system, but are in the .xdc document format.

You can export any object as PNG or SVG and import them into Photoshop and Illustrator. Illustrator brings in SVG as editable vectors. Photoshop brings in the content as a flat bitmap.

Adobe XD currently supports the following formats for import: Text, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, SVG, BMP, PSD, AI, SKETCH. If you try to drag an unsupported format onto the canvas, the file is ignored.

Adobe XD should be able to import SVG from any source. If you are unable to import an SVG file, the file may be too large or contains properties that are not supported by Adobe XD. For more information, see Export and Import issues.

Your export may not have completed for several reasons.

  • Your asset was too large. Adobe XD has a limit of exporting an asset that is 16000 x 16000 pixels.
  • You may be exporting to a read-only or locked directory.

If you run into a different case where export failed, report the issue in our forums.

You can install and use third-party plug-ins to export or extract your XD project as an HTML, CSS, or a JavaScript file. Check out this article for instructions on how to use the available third-party plug-ins.

Prototypes and sharing

This is a secure feature that requires you to log in with the same Adobe ID that is used to send the private link. The link cannot be accessed unless the recipient has your Adobe ID and password.

In XD, you can publish a prototype or design spec to share with others for gathering feedback or handing off to developers. Publishing a prototype or design spec creates a link. If you are on the Starter plan, you can only have one active shared link at any time. You can always update a link. To publish more links, upgrade to a paid plan or manage your links.

The Publish Services feature of XD requires a Creative Cloud login. This login ensures that your account allows the use of storage and services. If you have logged in successfully and are still seeing an error, you may have run into one of the scenarios described in this article.

  1. Go to Share mode > Share Links
  2. In the URL picker menu (), click Manage Links. The Adobe Creative Cloud website opens in your browser, where you can manage your prototypes.
  3. Select the prototype to delete and click Permanently delete.

Reconfirm that the links are deleted. If the links are deleted, try closing and reopening Adobe XD.

Try closing and reopening Adobe XD. 

After sharing your prototype the first time, any subsequent update will offer you two options: Update Link or New Link. Choose New Link to create a new link to your shared prototype. To update the prototype at the previous link, choose Update Link

In some scenarios, the previous link is not updated and a new link is generated. These scenarios include:

  • The previous link was deleted.
  • You changed your login between sharing sessions.
  • Adobe's service experienced an error and we could not update the previous prototype.

Enterprise Support: Commercial, Government, and Education

Sharing prototypes and design specs in Adobe XD relies upon access to Creative Cloud services. To share prototypes and design specs, XD Publish Services within the Admin Console must be enabled by IT administrators. To learn more, see Enable/disable services for a product profile.

Adobe XD does not support offline deployment with a Creative Cloud for enterprise serial number. Customers must use named licensing deployment to access Adobe XD. All three identity types are supported (Adobe ID, Enterprise ID, and Federated ID).

Adobe XD now allows designers to share prototypes and design specs via a private link only viewable by invite. In order for your users to share and view these assets, it is recommended to set up user’s identities through the Adobe User Management System, so reviewers do not have to create a new Creative Cloud account when invited (if they do not already have an account). Link your organization’s enterprise directory system using the Adobe User Sync Tool or another user management tool.

Learn more about the User Sync Tool.

Learn more about sharing and reviewing prototypes and design specs via a private link.

Creative Cloud memberships purchased with redemption codes, Creative Cloud for education plans, and plans purchased from Kivuto may not include access to certain features. Check with your institution's IT administrator to understand what products and services are available to you. 

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