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Add and modify text

Learn how to apply Adobe Fonts or Custom Fonts to text.

You can add texts with unique fonts for attractive designs. After you apply fonts to text, use typography settings to customize text styling in your artwork.

text layer support and adobe fonts
Add text using the text tool

How to use the Text tool

To add text, select the Type tool   and start typing text using the virtual keyboard.

keyboard widget
Control keyboard for widgets

View and edit text properties

text layer support and adobe fonts

A. Text Layer and Text Properties. B. List of Fonts. C. Search for more fonts from these categories. 

You can format the text and the font using the text properties available in the Text section of the Properties panel:

  • Font type: Choose a font from the drop-down list. You can browse through thousands of fonts from Adobe Fonts, included as part of your Creative Cloud subscription. For more details, see Activate fonts.
  • Font style: Tap to view and change the font style options for the selected font.
  • Font size: Specify the size of the font.
  • Line spacing: Specify the spacing between two lines of text.
  • Letter spacing: Specify the spacing between letters in the text.
  • All caps: Tap to convert all letters in the text to uppercase. Tap again to go back to the previous casing.
  • Small caps: Tap to convert all letters in the text to lowercase. Tap again to go back to the previous casing.
  • Align text: You can select a suitable option to align your text.

The ability to browse Adobe Fonts directly in Windows is yet to be available.

Activate and use Adobe fonts

Fresco on the iPad provides a comprehensive typography toolkit that you can use to choose the right font for your artwork.

Adobe's subscription-based online fonts library (Adobe Fonts) offers unlimited high-quality fonts from hundreds of type foundries. Browse and activate these fonts instantly from Fresco on the iPad or go to

Resolve missing fonts

If a font in your cloud document is unavailable on your iPad, Fresco automatically substitutes the missing font with the nearest matching font available.

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Now that you know how to add and modify text in Adobe Fresco, take a step forward and learn how to use the Liquify tool.

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