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Publish, export, and share

Learn how to share your Adobe Fresco artwork by publishing and exporting to different formats and surfaces.

Want to share your artwork on social media? You can do that directly from Adobe Fresco. You can also export your artwork to different formats, such as PNG, JPG, PSD, and PDF, for sharing or using in other apps and services. You can email, message, and print your artwork directly from the app.

Adobe Fresco automatically records all of the strokes you make while drawing and creates a timelapse video that shows your work coming to life.

How to quickly export and share

Use the Quick Export option to quickly share or print your artwork. 

  1. Open the artwork in Adobe Fresco.
  2. Tap Share  icon on the title bar. 
  3. Tap Quick Export.
  4. Choose how you want to export or share and complete the steps.

If you frequently export in a format other than JPG, change the Quick Export settings in the Adobe Fresco app settings. For more information, see customize app settings.

How to export and share as PNG, JPG, PSD, or PDF

Use the Export As option from the Share workspace to choose a popular format, such as PNG, JPG (high, medium, or low quality), PSD or PDF and share from within Adobe Fresco.

  1. Open the artwork in Adobe Fresco.
  2. Tap Share icon on the title bar.
  3. Tap Publish & Export.
  4. Tap Export As and then choose an output format.
  5. If you've chosen JPG as the output format, set the image quality to LowMedium, or High.
  6. Tap Export button.
  7. Save or share the artwork.

How to publish your artwork on Behance

Your creative expressions can easily reach the large creative community on Behance right from within Adobe Fresco. You can publish not only your artwork but also a timelapse recording of your creation process.

  1. Open the artwork in Adobe Fresco.
  2. Tap Share icon on the title bar.
  3. Tap Publish & Export.
  4. Tap Behance Project.
  5. Log in to your Behance account and add the details Behance needs to easily surface your artwork.
  6. Tap Save and Publish.

Publishing your artwork to Behance is not supported in Adobe Fresco 1.1 on Windows. As a workaround, export a copy of the document to the desktop and use the Behance app to publish it. For more information, see Adobe Fresco on Windows

Compress Livestream videos using timelapse controls

You must set a resolution for your recording before you start Livestreaming. Follow these steps to adjust the quality and resolution of your timelapse video.

  1. Open the App settings > General > Timelapse settings.  
  2. In the Quality drop-down list, select one of the options: Low or Medium or High.
  3.  In the Dimensions drop-down list, select the desired resolution option before you start drawing: 
    1. For macOS: Set between 1920 x 1080 or 4096 x 4096, which is a 4K resolution.
    2. For Windows: Set between 1920 x 1080 and 2048 x 2048. 4096 x 4096 resolution option is not available.
timelapse control or size and compression
Timelapse control

How to save a timelapse video of your artwork

You can now share the creation process of your artwork with a timelapse video. 

  1. Open the artwork in Adobe Fresco.
  2. Tap Share  icon on the title bar.
  3. Tap Publish & Export.
  4. Tap Timelapse Export.
  5. Play the recording to preview the output.
  6. Tap Export.
  7. Choose the location where you want to save the MP4 file.

Fresco does not support Timelapse videos on Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 9 devices. For more information, see Supported features on iPad, iPhone, and Windows.

How to livestream your artwork to Behance

You can livestream your artwork and easily reach the larger creative community on Behance right from within Adobe Fresco.

Live streaming from Fresco
Livestream to Behance

  1. Open the artwork in Adobe Fresco.
  2. Tap Share  icon on the title bar.
  3. Select the Livestream button at the bottom of the drop-down list. 
  4. Add your stream title and stream description.
  5. If you are going live for the first time, confirm the selected Behance profile for streaming. You can also read the brief overview of the service that is displayed for confirmation.
  6. You can choose to deactivate your microphone or camera. 
  7. Before you start streaming, you can set the options to public, private, or silent.
  8. Tap Start Broadcast.
Live streaming from Fresco-enable chat
While livestreaming, you can enable your microphone or camera. You can also go public or private or silent on Behance.

For more information, see: Livestream your Fresco artwork to Behance.

How do I send my Fresco artwork to Illustrator on iPad or desktop?

In Send to Illustrator under the Share  icon, select between iPad or Desktop option to send your artwork to Illustrator on iPad or desktop.


For more details, see Adobe Fresco and Illustrator.

How do I create patterns in Fresco artwork using Adobe Capture?

It only takes four simple steps for you to export the content of Fresco drawing layers to Adobe Capture so it can be used in a repeating vector pattern:

1. Open an artwork in Adobe Fresco.

2. Tap Share  icon in the top navigation bar. 

3. In the Share menu, tap Publish & Export.

4. In the left pane, tap Capture pattern to launch Adobe Capture and Fresco layers as separate pattern images.

Create pattern using Capture in select layers.

In Share menu, tap on Publish & export.

To launch the artwork on Capture, from the left pane tap Capture pattern.

You can also generate unique patterns and various kaleidoscopic effects from your images using Adobe Capture. For example, you can save patterns as raster or generate resizable vectors from your picture.

To improve your Fresco artwork in Adobe Capture:

  • Use the Module slider at the bottom of the screen to select Patterns.
  • Tap the icons at the top of the screen to choose pattern type, raster, or vector, and apply effects and photo adjustments by selecting one or more of the options.
  • Press the shutter to go to the next step.
  • Use the cropping option in the Edit panel to refine your captured pattern.
  • Tap Save (->) on the upper-right corner.

Your assets are saved automatically in your Creative Cloud Libraries. The Library you are currently working in and saving to is visible at the top of the screen in the Gallery view. To change the Library that you're working in, select the Library name to reveal the My Library menu. You can choose an existing library to save individual assets to or create a library.

For more effects using Adobe Capture, see About Adobe Capture FAQ.

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