InDesign CC 2017 (12.1) Release Notes

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What's new in this release

For a list of new features delivered in InDesign 2017, see Adobe InDesign CC 2017 Release | April 2017.

Key issues resolved

  1. [Mac]: Unable to change the paragraph attribute settings in the Control panel when text is selected.
  2. [Mac]: Unable to change the paragraph attribute settings in the Paragraph panel when text is selected.
  3. InDesign hangs on selecting text in World-Ready composer.
  4. InDesign hangs on selecting text which contains tabs or indents.
  5. InDesign crashes while working with Quick Apply.
  6. InDesign crashes while working on documents when Info panel is open.
  7. InDesign crashes while deleting a row in the Caption Setup dialog box.
  8. Overridden and deleted master page item remains on the child master page.
  9. InDesign crashes on opening the Hyperlinks panel.
  10. InDesign crashes on double-clicking the delete button in the Layers panel.
  11. InDesign crashes while checking spelling.
  12. InDesign crashes when optical kerning is applied to specific fonts.
  13. InDesign crashes while exporting book, with large number of documents, to pdf.
  14. InDesign crashes on sorting larger number of swatches (~ >60) by Color Value.
  15. InDesign crashes while changing the table header row setting to repeat every column.
  16. Vertical streak appears on exporting a document to PDF X4.
  17. Form fields with same name do not provide identical results when exported to Interactive PDF.
  18. [Win]: VB Script can be executed only after InDesign is launched in the admin mode at least once.
  19. InDesign crashes while converting a combination of hyperlink and regular text to a note.
  20. InDesign crashes on updating links to the placed graphics.
  21. [Win]: On launching InDesign, AIGPUSniffer Interface Binder starts and does not stop. This is fixed by Nvidia. Download the latest graphics drive (376.84 and above) from to fix this issue.

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