InDesign CC 9.2.0 Release Notes

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Trial software

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License agreement

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Font installation

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Resolved issues

Please refer to Adobe Support for late-breaking information and known issues for all Creative Cloud applications.

InDesign only

  • Text rendering is very slow over a transparent background. (#3592732)
  • Text selection over transparent Object is very sluggish. (#3630743)
  • Drawing and moving of text frames is slow when Info Panel is open on MAC. (#3600210)
  • An object or text frame drawing is slower in CC than CS. (#3596522)
  • Rendering of pasted text frames is very slow in CC as compared to CS6. (#3590911)
  • Object movement is very slow. (#3650794)
  • Panning and scrolling is slower in CC than CS6. (#3596468)
  • Zoom in-Zoom out is slow and sluggish. (#3649023)
  • Save/Save As/Save A Copy gets disabled after performing drag-drop from Finder/Bridge. (#3606041)
  • Application crashes while editing the source of an x-ref in legacy document where destination is in another document. (#3631377)
  • After a user outputs InDesign document as PDF, color profile does not work in PDF on Mac10.6.x/10.8.x/Win7/Win8. (#3586689)
  • Flash Player text input is not responding to command keys. (#3554092)
  • When the Library folder is in focus, clicking the File Save button results in application crash. (#3596016)
  • InDesign crashes when typing long word after a hyphenated line. (#3575859)
  • Fit Frame to Content crashes InDesign. (#3546736)
  • Duplicating spread after duplicating pages is causing InDesign to crash. (#3654918)
  • Application crashes while switching to a different panel after setting GoToURL behavior with empty URL for a button. (#3649906)
  • InDesign CC crashes on update to InCopy stories links. (#3649846)
  • Frame Fitting reference point does not work in InDesign. (#3342299)
  • InDesign Crashes on scrolling the list of fonts when the Fonts Preview is still building. (#3667798)

InDesign and InCopy

  • InCopy crashing during import of story with deleted text. (#3656462)
  • InDesign CC crashes on update to InCopy stories links. (#3649846)
  • Unable to move the cursor passed a collapsed note using the arrow keys. (#3614637)
  • Win: InCopy, a user is not able to type text in the Macro text field. (#3594973)
  • InCopy crashes when opening an assignment file from AEM DAM. (#3587306)
  • InCopy is crashing when the user clicks the Close button (' X '), after canceling the Print. (#3555565)
  • Text rendering is very slow over a transparent background. (#3592732)
  • Text Selection over transparent Object is very sluggish. (#3630743)
  • Panning and scrolling is slower than CS6. (#3596468)
  • Zoom in-Zoom out is slow and sluggish. (#3649023)

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