Find known issues and limitations in the latest release of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Issues with LUTs

Here is a list of known issues with LUTs in Premiere Pro:

  • When fx is disabled, the embedded LUT of the RED file is removed, although it appears to be applied.
  • Error while importing a red file with embedded LUT to Adobe Media Encoder

For more information on these issues and for workarounds, see Issues with LUTS while working in Premiere Pro.

Playback issues

  • Playback fails or hangs for some imported clips when using Premiere Pro on Windows. To work around this issue, delete the media cache.
  • Some iPhone 8 HEVC files do not play back on Windows.

Stability issues

  • Using trackpad to zoom in and out when using the Freeform view in the Projects panel can sometimes cause Premiere Pro to crash.
  • Premiere Pro can hang on quitting when warp stabilizer analysis is ongoing for nested sequence with transition header.
  • Applying a Lumetri effect on a RED clip can cause Premiere Pro to crash.

Other issues

  • Program monitor direct manipulation does not work in Premiere Pro on macOS when using CTRL key as a modifier.

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