Photo and illustration requirements

An introduction to the technical, quality, and legal requirements for submitting photos and illustrations to Adobe Stock.


This document describes requirements for JPEG files, including illustrations. If you want to submit vector files, see Vector requirements

Adobe Stock accepts photos shot with any camera—including a mobile device—if they meet our technical and legal requirements as well as our quality standards.

Technical requirements

  • Submit images in JPEG format.
  • Use color space sRGB
  • Minimum image resolution: 4 MP (megapixels)
  • Maximum image resolution: 100 MP (megapixels)
  • Maximum file size: 45 MB (megabytes)
  • No watermarks or timestamps
  • Do not upsample your files; submit the maximum file size that your camera can produce.

Title and keywords

If your file doesn't have a title or any keywords embedded, Adobe Sensei makes the process easy for you by suggesting up to 25 keywords and a title for you automatically. Read through them and edit, reorder, or remove these keywords, as appropriate. This feature is a great time-saver. If you already added keywords in Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, Bridge, Photoshop, or another image-editing software, the metadata is preserved when you upload your file. You can review and edit this metadata before submitting your content.

Do not use trademarked names (examples: Porsche, iPad, or Ferrari), camera specifications (examples: Nikon or 12MP), or types of content (examples: vector or illustration) as keywords or in your title. For more information on keywords, see Titles and keywords.


Keywords or other IPTC data entered in Lightroom Classic appears in alphabetical order in the Keyword section of the Contributor portal. Manually reorder the keywords on the Contributor portal based on priority. This critical step ensures that your images are returned in search results.

Legal basics

Ask yourself if the person in the image would recognize themselves or if the property owner would recognize their property. If the answer is “Yes,” you need a model or property release. In the case of an identifiable property, investigate whether the item is protected by privacy, trademark, or copyright law, because a property release may be required. Some buildings and places of interest cannot be used for commercial photography. Refer to Known image restrictions.

Files that contain logos, trademarks, company names, or brand names (examples: Apple, Nike, Gucci, and BMW) can’t be accepted. In certain cases, you may be able to submit work where logos, trademarks, company names, and brand names are digitally removed. Partial removal of a trademark or logo is not an acceptable substitute for the full removal of trademarks or logos from content you submit. Files that contain images of copyrighted material, such as some artwork, sculptures, or architecture, cannot be accepted unless you include property releases from the creator and/or copyright owners. See, Legal guidelines.

Quality standards

For your images to have commercial value, we expect them to be:

  • Appropriately lit and exposed 
  • Without visible noise or dust
  • Well-composed
  • Processed inconspicuously
For more information on what makes a quality image, see The review process and Create better photos for Adobe Stock with 7 tips for success.

Be careful not to spam

Select only the best images from a shoot and ensure that each submission offers something different. Don’t submit multiple images with minimal changes in angle or depth, or copies of the same image with different postproduction effects applied. Customers apply their own creative effects to suit their project. Submitting multiple copies of similar or identical content can be perceived as spam by our moderation team. Spamming is strictly prohibited and may prompt us to block your account or close it permanently.

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