Crash on using Select People Mask

Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw crash while opening portrait photos if Select People mask panel is open, by default.

Before you start

Keep your Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Lightroom Classic applications up to date. 

Unexpected crash on using Select People mask

Lightroom Desktop (version 6.0), Lightroom Classic (version 12.0), and Adobe Camera Raw (version 15.0) unexpectedly crash while working with portrait photos when the Select People mask widget is open. 

Product versions affected

This issue is typically encountered in the following product versions:

  • Lightroom Desktop (6.0)
  • Lightroom Classic (12.0)
  • Adobe Camera Raw (15.0)

Device details

Crash while using Select People is majorly observed on macOS 12 systems with less than 2GB VRAM. In particular, macOS 12 system with the following chipset could be affected:

  • Intel(R) Iris(TM) Plus Graphics

Suggested workaround

Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw have a minimum system requirement of 2GB VRAM. To minimize the chances of a crash, it is recommended to upgrade your device configuration to have more than 2GB VRAM.

You can collapse the Select People widget in the masking panel on the affected macOS system when processing portrait photos. To minimize the chances of crashes, expand the Select People mask
widget on-demand, only when needed.

People Selection Disabled

Select People feature might be disabled in your system if the minimum system requirements are not met. 

Minimum System Requirements:



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