Add or edit text and captions

You can add title for your video, add name, or designation of the speaker for on-screen identificaiton, and also add closed captions for the video. Consider a scenario where you developed a documentary video on an interesting situation where many personailities are involved. As and when each personality appears on the screen, you can display the name of the person for better identification. You can do this by adding lower-third text in Presenter Video Express. 

Add title text

  1. Click Branding icon in the Toolbar pane of the 2017 release of Presenter Video Express. A branding panel appears adjacent to the toolbar. 

    Branding icon in toolbar
    Choose branding option in toolbar


    If you have not applied the branding video to your presentation, then the VIDEO TITLE TEXT area is non-editable. If there is None option selected for Theme, click on it and choose the branding video of your choice. 

  2. In the Branding panel, click the text box under VIDEO TITLE TEXT and type the video title of your choice. 


    Multi-line text is not supported; type all the text in a single line.

    Add video title text
    Add video title text

    You can choose to display the video title text at nine positions of your screen by clicking the blank squares in Display At box. 

Add lower-third text

Lower-third text is the text overlay on the video that is used to display your name and designation.


You can include multiple lower third titles for your video presentation. To add next title, move the play head in timeline to any specific time and type your next lower third title.  

  1. Click the Branding icon in Adobe Presenter Video Express.

  2. In the Branding panel, select Lower Third Text.

  3. Specify the Presenter name and title.

  4. In the Display at Playhead field, specify the duration for which the text must be displayed.


    Repeat the above steps as per your requirement to display multiple lower third texts for your presentation.


    The lower third will appear at the current play head. Fine adjustments can be made to the time at which it appears, by moving the play head within the lower third region and clicking Display at play head. 

    To display lower third text at the beginning of the presentation, you need to click the play head at the beginning and then follow the steps above.

    To delete the existing lower third text, move the mouse over the lower third text marker. The text marker head displays a minus sign, as shown in the first marker of the screenshot below. Click on it. 

    Delete lower third text
    Delete lower third text

Add closed captions

Adobe Presenter Video Express automatically converts audio in your project to closed captions. Generation of closed captions happens on the cloud and therefore, you must have internet connectivity to use this feature.


Closed captions are currently optimized for American English. There is no support available now for Portuguese or Brazilian closed caption. 

You can import SRT files from your computer and you can also export closed captions as SRT files. 

To add closed captions as subtitles in your presentation:

  1. Click CC option in the Toolbar at the left pane to open the Subtitles panel. Click the On/Off toggle button adjacent to Subtitles title to enable closed captions. 

    Subtitles panel
    Creating closed captions

  2. Click Create to add closed captions in the panel. You can choose the Untitled closed caption and click Edit to add the subtitles to it. Change the name of the Closed caption or subtitle in Edit panel. 


    To get better quality results, you can copy-paste the audio script into the Closed Caption window and generate it.

  3. To import an SRT file from your computer, click Import in the Subtitles panel. 

    It takes some time for Presenter Video Express to generate and display the closed captions.

Embed closed captions

In edit mode, click CC option in the Toolbar at the left pane.

Choose Embed toggle button at the bottom of the Subtitles panel to embed the subtitles as part of the video. It implies that the closed captions are embedded or baked into the video.

If you choose Un-Embed option, a CC text appears at the bottom-right corner of the screen. You can click the CC text and select the subtitle of your choice to appear in the video. 

Edit closed captions

To edit closed captions, select the closed caption from the Subtitles panel and then click Edit at the bottom of the panel. An Edit Subtitle panel appears. Click the text area for each subtitle and add names as per your choice. 

Edit subtitle
Edit subtitle

Enable or disable closed captions in published output

To enable and disable closed captions in the published output, select the toggle option On or Off available in the Subtitles panel.

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