Understanding the editing interface

Presenter Video Express offers some simple yet powerful options to enable you to customize the appearance of your module. 

Toolbar options
Toolbar options

Here are some of the editing options that are available to you:

  • Branding - You can edit the theme of the video to accurately reflect your personal or corporate brand. For more information, see Edit video theme.
  • Pan and zoom - Add pan and zoom effects to highlight sections of the presentation that you want to emphasize. For more information, see Add pan and zoom effects.
  • Trim - Trim your videos to make them more concise and to remove sections of the presentation that are not required. For more information, see Trim videos.
  • Annotations - Add annotations to your video. They can be in the form of text or shapes. For more information, see Add annotations.
  • Quiz - Add quiz questions to your video to add some interaction and to gauge the learner's understanding. The results of the quiz questions can also be recorded and reported through SCORM (if you are using an LMS). For more information, see Add quiz questions.

Another exciting editing option that is available is the ability to customize the background behind the presenter. For more information, see Change background and enhance video.

You can also import videos recorded externally into your project timeline and record over it. For more information, see Inserting external videos topic at Recording Videos

Change the layout

You have three layout options available to you:

  • Webcam only
  • Screen only 
  • Both (webcam and screen)

Understanding the timeline

Timeline shows you the entire video clip in the form of a (colored) rectangular bar. If you have used multiple layouts in the project, this rectangle is divided into many rectangles with different colors. The layouts are color-coded to help you instantly identify the allocation of the layouts in the video. For information on changing the layouts, see Change the layout.

The Timeline also shows the audio waveform of the audio clip recorded with the video.

The rectangular bar (video clip) is prefixed and suffixed with the default branding videos. You can remove these videos or choose different videos using the Branding panel. For more information, see Edit video theme.

Different portions of the timeline

A. Default branding video at the beginning of the video B. Light blue timeline indicating presenter and presentation mode C. Green timeline indicating Presentation only mode D. Yellow timeline indicating presenter only mode 


An external video added to the timeline is indicated by a darker shade. If you add an external video in presentation only mode, then the timeline is a dark green. If you add an external video in presenter and presentation only mode, then the timeline is a dark blue. And if you add an external video in presenter only mode, the timeline turns dark yellow in color.

In different modes, the timeline contains different indicators showing the different locations where edits are made.

For example, if you are in pan and zoom mode, you can see all the locations on the timeline where you have added pan and zoom effects. And if you are in annotations mode, you can see on the timeline all the annotations you have added. However, you cannot see the other type of effects you have added.

Additionally, the right of the timeline has a zoom slider that allows you to magnify the timeline allowing you to edit the video at very granular levels.

For example, while choosing the Trim region, you can drag the playhead from 5 seconds to 6 seconds at a lower zoom level. You can drag it from 5 seconds to 5.5 seconds at a higher zoom level.

Scrollbar and markers on the Timeline help you navigate to specific portions of the video. Scrollbar, at the bottom of the Timeline, contains a miniature form of the rectangular bar.

Scrollbar in timeline

When you magnify the Timeline, the entire video clip does not fit into the Timeline. While you can make fine edits using the magnified view of the Timeline, you can use the scrollbar to quickly navigate to a specific portion of the video.

Markers are tiny heads in the Timeline as shown in the following screenshot, that indicate a lower third text.

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