The Adobe Sign for SharePoint Online release notes are ordered below

OAuth2 based trust relationship

OAuth 2 is used to establish the trust relationship between Adobe Sign and your SharePoint environment. OAuth 2 makes the trusted relationship as easy as authenticating to Adobe Sign from within SharePoint.  

Once done, all users within your SharePoint site will be able to freely use the Adobe Sign add-in functionality without each user having to authenticate discretely.

REST based API functionality

Building the application with a REST based solution ensures that all future development in the Adobe Sign system will be readily available for new updates to the SharePoint Online add-in.

Simplified installation process

This add-in installs quickly with little deep technical understanding of the SharePoint objects required. You can have the package installed to a functional state in as little as 20 minutes for most administrators, without having to provide any additional user licensing.

Data Mapping between Agreements and SharePoint

The Adobe Sign add-in includes the ability to push data from SharePoint lists to an Agreement form field, as well as collecting data from completed Agreement form fields and populate that content into SharePoint lists.

Centralized storage for signed documents

SharePoint admins can configure a central folder that will collect all signed agreements from all users in the site collection.

v1.x Updates

  • This patch removes the dependency in the installation process to create custom Adobe Sign groups.

Access to the Adobe Sign solution is now completely governed by the native SharePoint site Owner and Member groups.

  • Linkage between Adobe Sign and SharePoint sites now can be performed for all sites at once. "Global" and "Local" scopes for OAuth connection provide necessary granularity

This version is fully backward compatible, and users existing in the Adobe Sign groups will not be negatively impacted by upgrading.

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