Using Custom Scan as well as Preset Scan result in only Front Side being scanned


Duplex scanners only - After Acrobat July 2015 update, selecting the Sides > Both Sides option in the Custom Scan as well as Presets (Autodetect Color Mode, Black and White etc.) result in only the Front Side being scanned.


We'll be able to fix the issue in the next update of Acrobat. The workaround is to use the Scanner’s Native Interface through Custom Scan. Follow the steps below.

  1. Choose File > Create > PDF from Scanner > Custom Scan.

  2. In the Custom Scan dialog box, click Options next to the Scanner drop-down.

    Note: Ensure that the scanner is connected and selected in the Scanner drop-down.

  3. In the Scanner Options dialog box, select Show Scanner’s Native Interface in the User Interface drop-down, and then click OK.

  4. In the Custom Scan dialog box, click Scan.

  5. Now while scanning, the native scanner TWAIN driver interface is displayed (depending on the scanner model). Choose appropriate options and then click Scan.


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