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Adobe Fresco and Illustrator

Learn how to take your Adobe Fresco artwork to Adobe Illustrator.

With Adobe Fresco on your touch device, you can start working anywhere you want, whenever inspiration strikes. When you are back at your desk, you can easily enhance your Fresco artwork with Photoshop or Illustrator.

If you've created your artwork with vector brushes in Fresco, you can send it directly to Illustrator on iPad or desktop.

Send artwork directly to Illustrator on iPad or desktop


You can now send your documents from Fresco to Adobe Illustrator on iPad or desktop. Adobe Illustrator recognizes and preserves Fresco's vector and pixel layers. When pixel layers and vector layers are combined, they are converted to pixel layers.

  1. Open your artwork in Adobe Fresco.
  2. Tap Share  icon on the title bar. 
  3. In Open a copy select between iPad or Desktop option. You will receive a notification that your document is sent to Adobe Illustrator.

If you are signed in to the Creative Cloud desktop app, Illustrator opens automatically with the document sent from Fresco.

 You can edit Fresco vector layers in Illustrator but can't edit pixel layers. When you merge vector and pixel layers, vector layers are converted to pixel layers.

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