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New to InDesign? Check out the Start (Home) screen to view a handy set of learning resources.

When you launch InDesign, the first screen that you see is the Home screen, which provides access to various in-app learning resources. These learning resources help you learn the fundamentals of InDesign and enable you to get started with your project. A project may include posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, books, e-books, and more.

The contents of the Home screen are tailored based on your familiarity with InDesign and your Creative Cloud membership plan.

Home screen

Learn panel: Tutorials on the web

To refer to a wide range of step-by-step tutorials (with or without sample files), click the Learn tab. These tutorials will help you learn and understand the concepts, workflows, tips, and tricks. 

Learn Panel

More tutorials

To view a complete list of tutorials, click Go To at the bottom of the Learn panel. 

Need help while working in the document?

You can refer to a tutorial even after you start working on a document. Click the following icons to navigate between the document and the Home screen.

Home: Opens the Home screen from the document.

Home screen

Back or Esc key: Opens the document from the Home screen.

Back button

Unable to find a tutorial on desired topic in Learn Panel?

Search for the topic across different Adobe support platforms and check the following tabs to view the results:

  • Help: Shows the matching content for tutorials, Help articles, and community threads. You can click View in Help Center to open them in a web page.
  • Stock: Shows the matching images, assets, and templates (.ps, .ai files) from Adobe Stock.
  • Your Work: Lists your recent InDesign files (.indd, .idml, .indt) and the files available in the Creative Cloud files folder if their filename matches with the searched string. 

Note: All these searches are performed on the name or the title of the collateral and not on the contents. 

Creative Cloud Search


To perform a quicker search, pick a search query from search suggestions and history.

Don't want to start with a blank canvas? We provide you pre-loaded templates.

To help you create new documents quickly, a handy set of document presets is available in Home screen for popular workflows, such as business cards, brochures. 

Document Preset

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