Learn how to renew or extend the term of your membership. Also learn to restart an inactive membership.

Renew or extend a membership

Memberships renew automatically if your payment information is up to date. You can also extend a membership with a prepaid card, change payment methods, switch plans, or add to your existing plan.

Update credit card information

You can check your payment information and your active subscriptions in the Plans & Products section of your Adobe ID account online. To update your credit card information, see Update your credit card and billing information.

Extend a membership with a prepaid card

You can prepay one year of a Creative Cloud membership when you purchase through a retailer (such as Best Buy). A prepaid card costs the same as purchasing an annual plan directly from Adobe.

You can use a prepaid card to extend the duration of any membership. The card’s subscription period is added to your account. If you purchased your membership with a credit card, the card’s subscription period is added to your account, and regular billing resumes when the prepaid period expires.

  1. Enter the code mentioned at the back of the card.

    Enter redemption code

    Make sure that the prepaid card you purchase is for the correct subscription and region. For example, you can’t extend a Single App membership with a Creative Cloud prepaid card. Similarly, you can use a Student-Teacher prepaid card only to extend a Student-Teacher membership.

Direct purchase

If your payment information is up to date for your Creative Cloud for teams membership, you need not do anything. Your membership renews automatically at the current price of the offering.

Before the membership renewal date, the primary administrator receives an email notification, and has an opportunity to update the number of committed seats in the Teams license. For more information, contact us.

If you are the primary administrator, you can update your payment information in the Plans & Products section of your Adobe ID account online.

Creative Cloud for Teams membership

Adobe VIP

To extend or renew your Adobe VIP membership, contact your reseller. If you're an administrator, you can find your reseller’s contact information in the Plans and Products section of your Adobe ID account online.

You can switch plans—for example, from a month-to-month to an annual plan. See Change your Creative Cloud plan. You can also upgrade your plan —for example, from Single App to Creative Cloud All Apps. You can also upgrade your Creative Cloud storage plan.

Restart an inactive membership

If your Creative Cloud membership has expired, it's easy to restart it. If a payment fails, extra payment attempts are made after the due date. If payment continues to fail, your Creative Cloud account becomes inactive and the paid features of your account are deactivated.

If you missed a payment, you can reactivate the membership by initiating the payment for it. For more information, see I missed a payment for my subscription. How do I re-initiate the payment?

You can also sign in with the same Adobe ID and purchase a new plan:

Once payment is accepted, sign out of Creative Cloud and sign in again to reset your Creative Cloud license.

Launch the Creative Cloud desktop app, click the gear icon, and choose Preferences > General > Sign out. In the next screen, sign in again with your Adobe ID and password. For detailed instructions, see Sign in and sign out to activate Creative Cloud apps.

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