Are you experiencing issues with cloud document workflows? Learn about the probable reasons and resolutions for these issues.

Experiencing issues with creating, saving, or opening a shared cloud document? Try out this resolution. 


When you work on cloud documents, your work is kept in sync with the Creative Cloud sync process. Reboot the machine to check if Creative Cloud sync is running accurately or needs an update. 

  1. Quit Adobe XD. 

  2. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app.

    On Windows: 

    • Open your Start menu.
    • Click Adobe Creative Cloud to launch. 
    Launch Adobe Creative Cloud
    Launch Adobe Creative Cloud

    On macOS:

    • In Applications, go to Adobe Creative Cloud folder.

    • Launch Adobe Creative Cloud.
    Launch Adobe Creative Cloud in macOS
    Launch Adobe Creative Cloud in macOS
  3. Click Update to execute any pending updates.

    Click Proceed to execute pending updates
    Click Update to execute pending updates
  4. When the update is complete, navigate to Help > About Creative Cloud to verify that the Creative Cloud Sync version is or later.

    About Creative Cloud
    About Creative Cloud
    Core sync version of Creative Cloud desktop app
    Creative Cloud sync version
  5. Follow these steps if the update was completed but version does not indicate the required version:

    • Click the profile image and select Sign out.

    • Quit the Creative Cloud desktop app.

    • Relaunch Adobe Creative Cloud app.

    • Sign back in using your Adobe ID.

    • Verify Creative Core Sync version.

  6. Follow these steps to verify that the following Creative Cloud preferences are enabled:

    1. Click the gear icon  in the upper-right corner to access Preferences.

    2. Click General in the sidebar.

    3. Ensure that Always keep Creative Cloud up to date (under Settings) is enabled. 
    Keep Creative Cloud app up to date
    Keep Creative Cloud app up to date
  7. Relaunch XD or go to the next step to update the Creative Cloud desktop app. 

  8. Follow these steps to execute the Creative Cloud update:

    1. Restart your machine and launch the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app.

    2. If the Update banner is still not available:
      1. Click Help > Check for updates
      2. Wait for the update to complete.
    Check for app updates
    Check for app updates

For additional support and information, reach out to fellow designers at XD community.

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