Create an AR-powered interactive product experience with Adobe Aero

Learn how to use the combined power of Aero with Creative Cloud applications to create an interactive AR experience.

Adobe Aero empowers you to create amazing interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. If you’re a designer looking to provide an interactive overview of your products,  Adobe Aero is the right choice! 

Create an interactive brand experience using Aero

Sample scenario

Consider you own a fictitious four-wheeler automobile brand, Bensin. You can use Adobe Aero to provide your prospective customers with an interactive look and feel of your automobiles by showcasing their unique features, such as wheels, headlights, engine, gear system, and more.

Let’s take the example of a wheel in this article.

Before you begin

To create this experience, all you need is:

  • Adobe Aero to place, scale, and align objects and create an AR experience. 
  • Adobe Stock to use the available 3D assets. Once you are familiar with the workflow, you can use Adobe PhotoshopIllustrator, or Dimension to create similar assets. 
  • Mixamo to animate your visual components and objects.
  • Xcode or Reality Composer to integrate the graphic into a mobile application, for example Bensin Automobile app.

Now that you have all the pre-requisites covered, go ahead and download Aero to get started.

Create visual assets and add animations to your assets

Create an AR experience

Perform this task in four simple steps:

  1. Create a new project in Aero. Set the Surface Anchor and change the Anchor Type to Image Anchor.

  2. Import animated assets from your device or Creative Cloud into your project.

  3. Place and scale the assets according to the wheel of the car.

    Place and scale the assets

  4. Select the assets, and set the Trigger to Tap and Action to Animate. Your file is automatically saved to the Cloud ecosystem.

    Your AR experience is now ready to be published and embedded in the Bensin Automobiles app.

Embed the AR experience

Use Xcode or Reality Composer to publish and embed the AR experience into the Bensin Automobiles app.

Use Xcode to embed your AR experience into Bensin Automobiles app

View the AR experience

In the Bensin Automobiles app, tap on the image of the wheel to view the AR experience

View your AR experience in the Bensin Automobiles app

What's next?

We've got you covered on how to create and showcase an AR experience of the wheels of your automobile. Go ahead and try out Aero to create other interactive components that can enhance your brand.

There's more inspiration for you! Take a look at how a furniture brand helps customers visualize furniture using Adobe Aero.

Have a question or an idea?

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