Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues resolved in FrameMaker (2015 release) and subsequent patch releases.

Check the FrameMaker forum for solutions, workarounds, or any late-breaking information.

Note: Most issues listed below are relevant to both FrameMaker and FrameMaker XML Author. Issues relevant to only FrameMaker are labeled FM Only.

Issues Resolved

  1. Responsive HTML5 output is not optimized for Google search, which makes the output unsearchable.
    (Ref - 4190911)
  2. If there are a large number of fonts (1800+) installed on the system, FrameMaker fails to apply correct fonts that appear lower down in the font list.
    (Ref - 4052709)
  3. In some cases, if an SVG file contains open type fonts, it does not render correctly in FrameMaker and output PDF.
    (Ref - 4109022)
  4. In Windows 10, FrameMaker crashes while embedding fonts in EPUB output.
    (Ref - 4145336)
  5. Selecting the option Use Only ASCII Characters in Generated Filenames in Publishing Settings dialog does not work as expected.
    (Ref - 4187889)
  6. Incorrect cross-reference being generated if the source type selected is paragraph.
    (Ref - 4132389)
  7. FrameMaker console window displays publishing related error message on launch.
    (Ref - 4175428)
  8. In some cases, generating a PDF document takes too long.
    (Ref - 4177991)
  9. FrameMaker installer installs some unsupported software and OpenSSL files.
    (Ref - 4184193)
  10. Generating PDF output through FrameMaker Publishing Server fails if the file path is too long.
    (Ref - 4185941)
  11. In some cases, if there are a large number of nested cross-references in a DITA map file, FrameMaker takes longer time to load the file.
    (Ref - 4191901)
  12. Performance issue noticed while uploading files through CMS Connector for AEM.
    (Ref - 4192529)
  13. While checking out files from AEM, cached dependent files on the local system are not refreshed even if updated files are available on the AEM server.
    (Ref - 4192520)
  14. Resources dependency calculation should not be done while uploading a folder on AEM server hosting XML Add-on.
    (Ref - 4192517)

Adobe Experience Manager connector enhancements

New Review Comments pod to track and manage review comments

You can now sync, view, and reply to review comments received on a topic using the new Review Comments pod in FrameMaker. An author initiates a review task for a single topic or multiple topics from the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) interface. Multiple reviewers can review the topics and provide review comments. They can also view comments given by other reviewers in real-time and post replies. The Review Comments pod in FrameMaker gives a consolidated list of all review comments to the author to fix. From the Review Comments pod, you can:

  • Filter comments by choosing a specific reviewer or all reviewers.
  • Mark the status for each comment. You can choose from None, Accepted, or Rejected.
  • See all comments by clicking Show All comments.
  • Post a reply for a comment.

Note: The Review Comments pod shows comments only for the topics shared for review. If you have shared a DITA map for review, you can only view comments on the DITA map in the XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager interface.

Support for HTTPS

HTTPS uses Secured Socket Layer (SSL) to exchange information between a client and a server. You can now use HTTPS to establish a connection between FrameMaker and AEM.

Integrated search with XML Documentation Add-on for AEM

FrameMaker’s repository search is now seamlessly integrated with AEM. If you use the repository search feature in FrameMaker, the search is performed in the DITA content within the AEM repository. For this feature to work, your AEM server must have the XML Documentation Add-on installed. The results are displayed in the Repository Search pod in FrameMaker. Using the Repository Search pod, you can perform regular file functions on the search results, such as open or explore a topic.

The repository search functionality also comes with an added attribute search feature. You can search the DITA content by text, and also by an element’s attribute in FrameMaker. Perform attribute search using appropriate values in Attribute name = Value format.

New Adobe Experience Manager options in the Preferences dialog

The Preferences dialog box is updated to include configurable options for Adobe Experience Manager connector. You can use these options to set up file check-in and check-out preferences for AEM. Go to Edit > Preferences > CMS > Adobe Experience Manager to see the updated preferences.

Connection Manager dialog enhancements

- Alphabetically organized list of connectors

The list of connectors in the Connection Manager dialog is organized alphabetically. You can now easily look for the connector while setting up a connection and choose the one that is required.

- Option to browse and update the location for Local Folder

FrameMaker creates a local download folder that acts as a temporary location on your machine. You can download files from AEM into this Local Folder. The default location of the Local Folder is C:\Users\<username>\Documents. However, you can change this location by clicking the Browse button given alongside the Local Folder field.

- Option to save and remember connection password

You have an option to save the connection password while setting up a new connection. Enter the connection password and select the Save Password option. FrameMaker remembers the password when you reconnect after your first successful attempt.

Repository Manager window enhancements

 - New Review Comments pod launch icon

Repository Manager has an enhanced user experience. It includes a new Review Comments pod icon. Click this icon to quickly launch the Review Comments pod that facilitates easy management of the review comments.

- Repository Manager context menu enhancements

After you set up a connection with a repository, the contents are organized in the form of files and folders in the Repository Manager window. You can perform a set of functions on these files and folders. The list of these functions has been enhanced and reorganized to provide seamless experience.

For more information about the functions that you can perform, see Working with files section in the Content Management Systems chapter of the Adobe FrameMaker (2015 release) User Guide.

User interface enhancements

Organized list of items in the Format menu

Earlier when you clicked Format > Fonts (Characters or Paragraphs), a list of fonts installed on your system was displayed in a multi-column layout. If you had a long list of fonts on your system, the list would cover up the entire FrameMaker user interface. Now, when you click Format > Fonts (Characters or Paragraphs), the list of items is neatly organized in a single column. If the list is long, you can use the up and down scroll icons to easily traverse the list of items.

Issues Resolved

  1. When connected to the AEM server, if the file has unresolved cross-references or text insets, it fails to check-in.
    (Ref - 4166507)
  2. When setting up a Fm-AEM connection over VPN, the connection fails.
    (Ref - 4160478)
  3. While creating or updating a stand-alone TOC for an unstructured document in structured mode, the information for generating the TOC file is lost. As a result, an empty file is generated. This is also applicable for generating a list of figures, tables, and paragraphs.
    (Ref - 4155655)
  4. When you try to import or export an EDD file for an Arabic document, the settings are not replicated correctly.
    (Ref - 4152183)
  5. In FrameMaker, if you check out, edit, and save the file and then try to check in the same file, you are prompted to save the file again.
    (Ref - 4158932)

Feature enhancements

Host Responsive HTML5 content on Adobe RoboHelp Server 10

You can publish Responsive HTML5 output from FrameMaker (2015 release) Update 3.1 and host it directly on RoboHelp Server 10. Your content is rendered seamlessly on multitude of devices, including mobile devices. With the support for dynamic content filters in HTML5, your end users can easily access personalized content.

Enhanced Responsive HTML5 publishing process

There are two new enhancements in the publishing process of Responsive HTML5 output. Firstly, all images used in your book are now saved in a single assets folder in the published output. Secondly, you have an option to merge styles across documents in your book into a single CSS file. This reduces the overall size and maintenance overhead of your project.

User interface enhancements

The following enhancements have been made in the latest user interface:

  • Field and button string changes

Minor string changes have been done to improve user experience. The affected dialogs where string changes have been made can be found at the following locations in the main menu:

- Special > Table of Contents > Create Standalone TOC

- Special > Table of Contents > Create Mini TOC

- Special > List Of > all dialogs

- Special > Standard Index

- Special > Index Of > all dialogs

If the current focus is on the Book window, then the above-mentioned dialogs can be accessed from the Add menu (in place of the Special menu).

  • Paragraph symbol removed from tag names

Tag names displayed in the following dialogs will no longer display the redundant paragraph symbol "¶" prefixed to the names:

        - Special > Table of Contents > Create Standalone TOC 

        - Special > Table of Contents > Create Mini TOC 

        - Special > List Of > all dialogs

Issues resolved

  1. On relaunching the Help window, the dimensions set earlier are not retained.
    Ref# 4107829
  1. Working with Conditional Tags pod under various scenarios causes FrameMaker to crash.
    Ref# 4092122
  1. When publishing output for documents that use left-to-right layout, the layout-rtl.css file is also generated in the output folder.
    Ref# 4113157
  1. A few extra .fpj files are getting generated in the Preview folder of the published output.
    Ref# 4114869
  1. In the published Responsive HTML5 output, images imported from reference page are saved under the topic folder instead of the assets folder.
    Ref# 4123826
  1. FrameMaker crashes while publishing a document if it is split based on styles, in such a way, that same name TOC pages are generated.
    Ref# 4113191
  1. For some fonts, FrameMaker does not display standard ligatures correctly.
    Ref# 4093102
  1. In FrameMaker ExtendScript and FDK, the value for constant Constants.FF_FIND_USE_REGEX is not mapped correctly.
    Ref# 4102169
  1. XMP metadata contains incorrect version number of FrameMaker.
    Ref# 4102879
  1. Frame crashes on pasting text frame into a graphic inset.
    Ref# 4111649
  1. If there is a deeply nested book structure, synchronization between the Book Window and Structure View is lost.
    Ref# 4059503
  1. From a Ditamap, opening a file that contains large number of cross-references causes FrameMaker to slow down or throw out of memory error.
    Ref# 4103726
  1. Random FrameMaker crash issues noticed if conditions are applied on a mini TOC.
    Ref# 4106196 (FM only)

Feature enhancements

Upload articles to Adobe DPS

Now generate Adobe DPS output for your FrameMaker documentation and upload the generated articles to Adobe DPS. Use your Adobe account to sign into the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution and create your DPS projects. Ensure that you are using FrameMaker on the same Adobe account. In the Publish Settings dialog, select your Adobe account and the DPS project. When you run the publish procedure, the articles are generated in your output folder and uploaded to the selected project in your DPS account.

Support for XML sitemap in the Responsive HTML5 output

A sitemap helps search engines to index your web pages and make your website SEO-friendly. FrameMaker now gives you an option to create the XML sitemap file for your Responsive HTML5 outputs. In the absence of this feature, you would either use a third-party tool to create a sitemap or manually create one.

The sitemap generation process is seamless as you simply select an option in the Responsive HTML5 output settings to generate the sitemap for your book or ditamap. The sitemap contains the references of your web pages, the base URL of your website where you would host the published output, and the frequency at which you intend to update your pages. As it is an XML file based on the standardized XML sitemap protocol, you can easily change the sitemap file as and when needed.

Issues resolved

  1. Working with Conditional Tags pod under various scenarios causes FrameMaker to crash.
    Ref# 4035109, 4038332, 4035102
  2. Under various scenarios, FrameMaker search does not work as expected in a conditionalized table.
    Ref# 4033948, 4033979
  3. If a table contains conditional rows and column, user opens the Find/Change pod, searches for the conditionalized text, and clicks the Change All button with nothing specified in the Change field, FrameMaker freezes.
    Ref# 4033942
  4. Arabic ligatures break and the base line shifts before FATHATAN and ALEF in the PDF output.
    Ref# 4014238
  5. If Arabic text with pronunciation or phonetic symbols is published to PDF, then the text is not correctly aligned to the baseline.
    Ref# 4024151
  6. Random FrameMaker freeze issue noticed while generating Microsoft HTML Help output of a Farsi document.
    Ref# 4020560
  7. Typing Japanese characters at the end of a line where the text flows to the next line causes FrameMaker to crash.
    Ref# 4023843
  8. Checking out a single file without dependent files and then editing the checked-out file results in the checkout of all dependent files.
    Ref# 4037847
  9. Transformation messages are displayed in the console window even for successful XSLT transformations.
    Ref# 4063761
  10. FrameMaker crashes while importing some JPEG files.
    Ref# 4068641
  11. FrameMaker fails to insert MathML equation in unstructured mode.
    Ref# 4070561
  12. Markers pod is not available in the Review workspace.
    Ref# 4051475
  13. In Japanese and German versions of FrameMaker, user sees an error message on checking in a file into the AEM server.
    Ref# 4037107, 4036921
  14. FrameMaker crashes while replacing any UTF2 character.
    Ref# 4030642
  15. For a FrameMaker .book, the paginated topics do not appear in the TOC even if the "Add Paginated Topics to TOC" option is ON and the "Merge Topics with no Content" option is OFF.
    Ref# # 4063245
  16. In a Responsive HTML5 output, if the metadata contains special characters, the special characters are lost in the final output.
    Ref# 4058046
  17. WebHelp output does not render correctly on MS Edge browser. For example, if a user performs a search in the output and then returns to the TOC, the TOC disappears.
    Ref# 4051256
  18. Fix for XSS in Responsive HTML5 output.
    Ref# 3983976
  19. In the Style mapping > Table tab, user cannot provide percentage values for table height and width. If a user provides a percentage value, an error message indicates "Valid values include measurements in px, pt, pc, cm, em, mm, in."
    Ref# 3757834
  20. WebHelp/Responsive output will show title, created using macros, in browser window.
    Ref# 3670135

Feature enhancements

Windows 10 support
FrameMaker 2015 is supported on the Windows 10 operating system.

Support for Adobe Experience Manager 6.1
FrameMaker 2015 supports the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager 6.1.

Simplified XML
Simplified XML feature has been enhanced to support DITA 1.3 documents. With the addition of new functionality, it is easier to convert paragraphs to list and list to paragraph, add definition list and entry elements, apply code formatting, and navigate to the end of the form element.

Support for Thai and Farsi languages
Thai and Farsi languages support has been added in FrameMaker. The RTL authoring and publishing feature has been enhanced to support the Farsi language.

MathML support for DITA 1.3
MathML equations can be inserted in DITA 1.3 document types. Quick Element Toolbar in Simplified XML view for DITA 1.3 documents has also been enhanced to include the MathML container button that allows insertion of MathML equations.

Quick Element Toolbar for DITA 1.3
QET is available in WYSIWYG view for DITA 1.3 document types (topic, task, concept, reference, and troubleshooting).

Quick Element Toolbar for DITA 1.2 reference type documents
QET has been introduced for DITA 1.2 reference type documents in WYSIWYG View and Simplified XML/Author View.

XSLT enhancements
FrameMaker’s XSLT architecture has been enhanced to use SAXON as the default XSLT processor. Your structured application can be configured to used different processors for handling pre-processing, post-processing, and smart pasting operations.

Support for DITA Open Toolkit 2.1
Support for DITA Open Toolkit (DITA-OT) has been upgraded from 1.8 to 2.1 library.

Mini TOC
The mini TOC has been enhanced to support book level updates. You can update the mini TOC at the book level by selecting the update Mini TOC option in the Update Book dialog box.

Smart filter
The Paragraph Designer dialog box has been enhanced to support Smart filter in the Next Paragraph Tag list, and the Object Designer dialog box been enhanced to support Smart filtering in the Object Style list.

Table and image handling enhancements
Table resizing and table text or image rotation options are available in the main and context menus’ in the Structured FrameMaker's Author View and FrameMaker XML Author's WYSIWYG and Author View. Also, If you are working in the Simplified XML view in Structured FrameMaker or FrameMaker XML Author, you can resize table column through the main and context menus.

DitaExchange - FrameMaker connector
In addition to the existing AEM, Documentum, and SharePoint connectors, FrameMaker also provides support for the DitaExchange connector.

Auto-generate IDs in Structured document
Now you can define rules that ensure that FrameMaker auto-generate IDs for any element in a structure document. You can also define the attribute to which you want FrameMaker to assign the ID.

Enable browse sequences in Microsoft HTML output (CHM)
A new option has been added to enable browse sequences in Microsoft HTML output.

Layout icons optimized for high-resolution Retina display
Icons in the Responsive HTML5 layouts have been optimized for high-resolution Retina display. The icons in Azure and Charcoal gray layouts appear sharp and clear on high-resolution devices.

Publishing to Digital Publishing Solution
FrameMaker’s multi-channel publishing feature has been enhanced to provide the option to publish your documents to the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS).

Issues resolved

  1. For huge FrameMaker book that contains 500 or more pages, images at random places are shown as gray boxes.
    Ref# 3999717
  2. Users are unable to create right-to-left documents by using the right-to-left template provided with FrameMaker.
    Ref# 4008126
  3. In right-to-left documents, the registration mark goes out of page on publishing to PDF.
    Ref# 4015615
  4. FrameMaker crashes if a user tries to search for some complex word in the backward direction.
    Ref# 3991181
  5. A structured document containing text that Filter by Attribute or Conditional Text hides takes longer time to save as PDF.
    Ref# 3983610 - Fm Only
  6. FrameMaker sometimes freezes while editing or double-clicking a conditional tag in the Conditional Tags pod.
    Ref# 4018368 - Fm Only
  7. Deleting any text frame along with grouped objects and then trying to undo the delete operation causes FrameMaker to crash.
    Ref# 3980535 - Fm Only
  8. Using FrameMaker on Windows 8.1 with screen resolution of 1900x1200 or more results in small and overlapping icons.
    Ref# 3955253
  9. A new table row is not added on pressing the Tab key on tables where the title is set as Below Table.
    Ref# 3992365 - Fm Only
  10. Save as PDF picks the binding property from the first document in the book rather than the first non-generated document.
    Ref# 3980802 - Fm Only
  11. FrameMaker generates empty topics in the output even for empty topics that does not have any content. An option should be provided to not create a separate topic in such cases.
    Ref# 4020126
  12. The conditional indicators applied in FrameMaker document are visible in the generated output.
    Ref# 4017918 - Fm Only
  13. FrameMaker crashes if Output style field (Publish pod > Responsive HTML5 > Edit Settings > Style mapping tab) is blank in Responsive HTML5 publish settings.
    Ref# 3989415 - Fm Only
  14. FrameMaker does not allow usage of special characters in the display name of dynamic content filter criteria.
    Ref# 3987013 - Fm Only
  15. Keyboard does not close after pressing ‘Enter’ key, when viewing Responsive HTML5 Help on some mobile devices.
    Ref# 3985736 - Fm Only
  16. FrameMaker crashes when a file containing an inset with scalar vector graphic (SVG) is published in Responsive HTML5 layout.
    Ref# 3984234 - Fm Only
  17. When viewing glossary item definition (in mobile app output) on an iOS device, the user is unable to navigate back to the Help content as full screen is occupied with its context. The glossary definition link now opens in a pop-up allowing the user to navigate back to the Help content.
    Ref# 3974809 - Fm Only

Issues resolved

  1. A new ID is not assigned to a DITA topic, if the topic is copied and pasted
    Ref# 1912850
  2. Delete() function does not work for objects in ExtendScript
    Ref# 2969854
  3. Text in SVG graphics is not searchable in the PDF generated from FramerMaker
    Ref# 3546318
  4. Format-change lists are not overwritten while importing element definition from a structured document
    Ref# 3568537
  5. If a user selects a group and opens the Object Properties dialog by choosing Graphics > Object Properties, some properties are reset
    Ref# 3590719
  6. MathML equations are carried over to PDF as bitmaps. This causes loss of fidelity and does not call a read to search for the equation in the PDF
    Ref# 3590985
  7. If an inline element starts on a new line in a DITA file, the space typically that the previous CR created is lost.
    Ref# 3674785
  8. EDD BackgroundColor element corrupts the EDD in a MIF round trip
    Ref# 3686735
  9. FrameMaker crashes if a file contains postscript flow
    Ref# 3693332
  10. A command at the end of a submenu that customui.cfg generated does not appear
    Ref# 3696402
  11. Track Changes does not function correctly if a user changes the status (Enable/Disable) of Track Changes multiple times
    Ref# 3700628
  12. If a nonzero length UserString entry is added to a Table and the FDK / ESTK Publish component is used to produce output, FrameMaker crashes.
    Ref# 3707947
  13. Invalid characters can be seen in the Code view if a user copies and pastes multiple paragraphs from PDF/Word documents to XML documents in WYSIWYG view and then switches to the Code view
    Ref# 3708356
  14. If a user updates a book, the sub/super-script formatting from cross-references is removed
    Ref# 3712513
  15. No actualization of cross references when chapters in a FrameMaker book are renamed.
    Ref# 3728066
  16. If a user saves a file with Tag view ON, then closes and reopens the file, FrameMaker crashes.
    Ref# 3756920
  17. FrameMaker should understand ampersand (&) character in entity declaration
    Ref# 3762775
  18. FM crashes when user drags-and-drops an image from a Word document to a FrameMaker document or across sessions of FrameMaker
    Ref# 3775602
  19. FrameMaker crashes if a user drags-and-drops a WMF image across sessions of FrameMaker
    Ref# 3775619
  20. Importing some JPEG files causes FrameMaker to crash
    Ref# 3781681
  21. If a user updates a text inset containing conditional text, text that is conditionally hidden also displays.
    Ref# 3783041
  22. All Condition tags are not applied correctly if a user applies tags by selecting chapters at the book level
    Ref# 3797475
  23. Chapter hyperlinks are broken in a PDF after upgrading FrameMaker 11 document to FrameMaker 12 or beyond
    Ref# 3801191
  24. If a user cuts and pastes a Linked Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object (OLE), FrameMaker crashes.
    Ref# 3822444
  25. Document compare fails for structured documents
    Ref# 3829146
  26. Entity search paths that XSLT doesn't use preprocess
    Ref# 3836398
  27. FrameMaker crashes when a user open an .mif file when the FDK client which closes the file also generates post open notification.
    Ref# 3838861
  28. FrameMaker freezes while opening an XML document of on a subsequent book update
    Ref# 3846529
  29. If a user create a CMYK PDF, some images and table are dropped.
    Ref# 3857184
  30. If a file contains more than 256 operators in a Boolean condition expression, FrameMaker hangs
    Ref# 3857984
  31. Using the Graphics > Create Link Table to Graphic… option to create links to the parts of a 3D Model, does not produce the expected result
    Ref# 3915844
  32. FrameMaker crashes if a user pastes a long string in the Autonumbering tag of the Paragraph Designer
    Ref# 3930900
  33. User is unable to change the element type of a cross-reference from the Cross-Reference dialog box
    Ref# 3940182
  34. The following FDK command used to clear console pod doesn't work: F_ApiSetString(0, 0, FP_FMConsoleString, (StringT)""-1"");
    Ref# 3943538
  35. The size and position of custom dialogs that an FDK client provides are stored in the ModalDialogPosition.ini file. The first time a dialog is displayed its size is stored in this file. If the dialog size is modified in the source, it always displays at the original size unless this file is deleted or the entry in the file is removed. There is no way for the FDK client to control this other than to tell the user to manually edit or delete the file.
    Ref# 3952288

Conditional text crash issues resolved

The following crashes were fixed in the Conditional Text area of FrameMaker. These are not generic crashes that were found for all cases of each of the scenarios described below. These crashes were reported / found in specific use cases and for specific documents that users provide.

  1. FrameMaker crashes if a user opens the files in a DITA map
    Ref# 3166900
  2. FrameMaker crashes if a user updates a book (containing an invalid color ID) of book
    Ref# 3762801
  3. FrameMaker crashes if a user updates a book containing conditional text
    Ref# 3771500
  4. FrameMaker crashes if a user updates a book (containing an invalid color ID) of book
    Ref# 3792667


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