Known issues in Presenter Video Express

Known issues in the 2017 release of Adobe Presenter Video Express


  • If you plug out or plug in a Webcam when a recording is in progress, the 2017 release of Presenter Video Express does not function as expected. 
  • In Windows OS, Microphone records some sound even if the volume is set to zero. This issue occurs due to boost property which can be set in system settings.
  • In Webcam recording, Microsoft Surface Pro built-in camera does not work. 

Known issues in Presenter Video Express 11

  • Annotations cannot be applied when the video is zoomed.
  • Annotations cannot be applied within the last 3 seconds of the video
  • Selecting the foreground is difficult if the presenter is wearing patterns (such as a check shirt)
  • Microsoft Lifecam vx-700: does not record Presenter video.
  • Video does not buffer smoothly when published with high quality.
  • In case of multiple response and multiple attempts, learner gets definite chance to answer correctly in second attempt.
  • Closed captions are not generated when narration is done over external videos.
  • When publishing to Adobe Captivate Prime, if your project or module name has Japanese or Korean characters they do not display properly.When creating quiz questions, if you type unicode characters into the Score field, and click the arrows, the string changes to NaN.

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