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Adobe Presenter overview

About Adobe Presenter

Adobe® Presenter is a software tool for creating e‑learning content and high-quality multimedia presentations rapidly. Adobe Presenter is a plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint, an application that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. Finished presentations are in Flash® format (SWF file). Content created with Adobe Presenter is SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 certified and AICC compliant.

After you install Adobe Presenter, you access the application from within PowerPoint. All Adobe Presenter authoring functions in PowerPoint can be reached using the Adobe Presenter ribbon.

Adobe Presenter complements Adobe Connect. With Adobe Presenter, you can create content that includes interactive quizzing and surveys, audio, and a customizable viewer. Adobe Presenter sends the PPT or PPTX (PowerPoint) and PPCX file, as well as presentation data and assets, to Adobe Connect Server.


Office 2007 and 2010 supports PPTX.

You can add straightforward or sophisticated quizzes to presentations. Adobe Presenter supports different types of questions that can either be graded or used as surveys. Add branching to quizzes to guide users through different paths in the presentation based on their answers.

Adobe Presenter provides a simple interface for using a microphone to add audio narration to your presentation. In addition, you can easily synchronize your PowerPoint animations with your audio narration.

The intuitive Adobe Presenter interface and its complete integration with PowerPoint eliminates the need for additional training or knowledge of Flash programming. In minutes, you can transform static PowerPoint files into dynamic web experiences by adding audio, video, multimedia, interactive quizzes and surveys, and extensive branding. When you have created your content, simply publish it to Adobe Connect Server. (You can also publish to your computer to test a presentation.)

After you have installed Adobe Presenter, you access the program from within PowerPoint. When you open PowerPoint, a new menu named Adobe Presenter appears in the menu bar.

In Presenter 9, to keep yourself updated, you can use the Access Adobe Resources (Tools >) option. Click this option to connect to the Adobe e-learning news server. You can view the latest updates from the Adobe e-learning team in a news feed format in the Access Adobe Resources pop-up screen. Click any news feed item to view the complete information.

Connect to the Adobe blogs and other social media channels using the various links available at the bottom of the Access Adobe Resources pop-up screen. Whenever there is an update, a number is displayed with a highlighted border on the Access Adobe Resources menu. This display indicates the number of new newsfeeds, blog posts, tweets that have been recently added.

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