The right keywords help you get your content in front of more potential buyers. To choose the best keywords, think of how a buyer might search for your content.

First describe the main subject and then add keywords that refer to the mood, setting, and other details that the user might be interested in. See Titles and keywords for more information.

The Contributor portal includes tools to help you bring your keywording to the next level.

Confirm auto-keywords

The auto-keyword feature in the Contributor portal makes keywording your files easy and fast. The tool suggests up to 25 keywords. Review them for accuracy and reorder, remove, or edit irrelevant keywords and use more appropriate ones to improve your sales opportunities. As you edit and update your keywords, the auto-keyword tool “learns” from your edits, which will improve your future experience.

Keyword order matters

Keyword order is crucial to helping buyers find your work. To move the keywords, place your cursor over the number to the left of the keyword. The number turns into a dot grid (1); click and drag to move your keyword up or down. To move a keyword directly to the top, click the arrow to the right of the keyword (2). To remove a keyword, click the X to the right of the keyword (3).

Note: If you add keywords to your files in Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, or Bridge they are preserved in the contributor portal, and no auto-keywords are added. Keywords entered in Lightroom Classic are listed in alphabetical order. Make sure to reorder them on the Contributor portal according to their importance. 

Drag order of keyword (1), move keyword to the top (2), or delete keyword (3)

Select and affect multiple

If you are indexing similar assets on the Contributor portal, you can select multiple images at once.

Try auto-keywords

You can remove existing keywords and start over with auto-keywords. To remove and replace, select Erase all keywords and Refresh auto-keywords at the bottom of the keywords area (see below). 

Erase keywords and refresh auto-keywords options

Copy and paste

If you use an external text file to create your keywords, the system can distribute them to different fields. You can also copy your keywords from image to image. Toggle the Paste Keyword switch on and paste your keywords, separated by commas, into the box. The keywords are automatically distributed into their own fields. Review the order and move the most important keywords into the first seven spots.

Toggle the Paste Keywords switch on to paste multiple keywords into the box, toggle off to see keywords in single fields

Consider CSV files

Finally, consider using a CSV to track and upload your keywords. For more information on CSVs, see Organize with CSV files.

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