Adobe FrameMaker 11.0.2 ReadMe

This document contains information about major changes that are included in the 11.0.2 update patch. You can fix the following issues by applying this patch.


  1. The zoom pop-up menu had only four options: 25%, 50%, 80%, and 100%. This patch restores the following options too in the Zoom pop-up menu:

    • 120%
    • 140%
    • 150%
    • 160%
    • 200%
    • 400%
    • Fit Page in Window
    • Fit Window to Page
    • Fit Window to Text Frame
    • Set

    Also, you can modify the options using the UI (Click Set in the Zoom pop-up menu) or the maker.ini file. You can specify a maximum of the 10 numeric values in the Zoom pop-up menu.   

  2. Tristate checkbox of Para Designer numbering tab did not turn OFF when designer was docked.

  3. Default section in global structapps file was not read on FM launch. Since FrameMaker did not read the structapps file values, the default transformations provided for XSLT were not getting loaded.

  4. FrameMaker did not allow removing the flow tag name from text frame properties.

  5. Opening and saving a DITA file with codeblock elements that contained leading space deleted one or more leading spaces. Each time FrameMaker was launched, saved, or exited, one or more leading spaces were lost.

  6. FrameMaker use to crash in the following scenarios:

    1. If you deleted conditional text from the conditional text pods repeatedly
    2. While working on a document, if you:
      1. Went to content away from the cursor (previous page or top of the current page) and then
      2. Inserted a cross-reference followed by a space
    3. Changed the flow tag more than twice in custom text frames



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