When you import a MOV file with ProRes video codec in Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 on Windows, the following issues occur:

  • Frames appear green, if QuickTime is not installed on your system.
  • Only audio is imported, if QuickTime is installed on your system.
Frames appear green


  1. Close Adobe Premiere Elements 2018.

  2. Install QuickTime player, if it is not installed on your system.

  3. Type %appdata%/Adobe/Premiere Elements/16.0 in the Windows search bar and hit Enter.

  4. Open Debug Database.txt located in the folder.

  5. Find QT.EnableDirectProResDecode in the file and change the first value from 1 to 0.

    Debug Database
    Change the highlighted value from 1 to 0

    After changing the value, the line looks like the following:

    QT.EnableDirectProResDecode    0        1

  6. Save and close Debug Database.txt.

  7. Launch Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 and import MOV file with ProRes video format.


In April 2016, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued Alert TA16-105A. This alert recommends Windows users to uninstall Apple QuickTime from their computers.

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