Adobe PDF printer missing after installing Acrobat

Problem: Adobe PDF printer does not get installed with fresh Acrobat installation

Adobe PDF does not get installed with fresh Acrobat installation. This is because the validity of the Adobe PDF printer driver certificate expired after 31 October 2021.

Applicable products

  • Acrobat (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Acrobat 2020
  • Acrobat 2017

Solution: Install the latest Acrobat patch 

The latest patch release has the fix for this problem. The patch provides an updated Adobe PDF printer driver. Download the respective installer applicable for your product and install.

Product Type Installer Size Language Install over
Acrobat Patch AcrobatDCUpd2100720102.msp 426 MB
All Acrobat release base
Acrobat 64-bit Patch AcrobatDCx64Upd2100720102.msp 208 MB
All Acrobat 64 bit release base
Acrobat 2020 Patch Acrobat2020Upd2000430018.msp 97 MB
All Acrobat 2020 release base
Acrobat 2017 Patch Acrobat2017Upd1701130206.msp 232 MB All Acrobat 2017 release base


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