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Bensin Automobiles is a fictitious brand that is focusing on prospective customers who have shown interest in Bensin four-wheelers. It uses Adobe Aero to create an AR experience and the customers are requested to visit the showroom to have a look and feel of the four-wheeler through the AR experience.


Bensin Automobiles uses the following applications to create a real-world experience:

Author AR experience

Bensin Automobiles is emphasizing features of the vehicles such as the wheels, headlights, engine, gear system, and more. We have used an example of a wheel.

  1. Using Adobe PhotoshopIllustrator, or Dimension, create 3D assets of parts of the wheel such as the tyre, alloy, and disk brake. Create visuals to show pop up boxes with text describing the unique features of the wheel. You can also use 3D assets that are available on Adobe Stock.

  2. Using Adobe Animate, add animation effects to the 3D assets such that they expand and zoom-in when triggered. You can also use a third-party application to add animations.

  3. Park the automobile in an open space near the showroom. Using Aero, select the wheel as the image anchor. Import the 3D assets from files or Creative Cloud. 

  4. Place and scale the assets to be parallel to the wheel of the car. Set the trigger to Enter proximity and set the action to Animate. To learn more, see Add interactivity to digital assets.

  5. Once the experience is created in Aero, export it to Xcode or Reality Composer and integrate your AR creation into the Bensin Automobiles app.

    Image placeholder

View AR experience

Prompt your customers to install the Bensin Automobiles app or provide them a device with the app installed. When the customers hover over the wheel and move closer, they learn about the wheel in detail. Likewise, you can highlight the features of other parts of the car using Aero. Viewing the AR experience helps customers learn about the automobile in an interactive way, making it easier for them to make better decisions about choosing the car.

To learn more on how to view AR experiences, see View AR creations.

What's next?

We've got you covered on how to create an experience to help your customers interact with your brand. You can also have a look at how a furniture brand helps customers visualize furniture in their homes using Adobe Aero.

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