Adobe Stock for enterprise

What is Adobe Stock for enterprise?

Adobe Stock for enterprise provides access to millions of high-quality, royalty-free images, videos, templates, and 3D assets—plus our new Premium and Editorial collections. Adobe Stock for enterprise includes unique features such as higher levels of indemnification and more robust license management when compared to plans for individual or team users.

What enterprise features does Adobe Stock for enterprise offer?

Adobe Stock for enterprise provides custom licensing rights designed for enterprise. Since enterprise customers have specific business requirements and concerns, Adobe Stock for enterprise can provide our customers with greater levels of indemnification or even custom indemnification rates. Creative-rights sharing makes it easy to share images across projects and groups without needing to re-license, and worldwide archiving rights make it easy to back up your licensed assets.

Where can I find Adobe Stock for enterprise licensing terms?

Adobe Stock for enterprise licensing terms are part of the customer ETLA. Current and historical versions of the enterprise terms for Adobe Stock are available at Adobe Enterprise Licensing Terms.

Is Adobe Stock available for Creative Cloud for enterprise with managed services customers?

Yes. Customers who use Creative Cloud for enterprise with managed services can benefit from Adobe Stock integrated workflows. Users can download Adobe Stock assets to Creative Cloud libraries stored in managed services instances.

Adobe Stock for teams

How can I add Adobe Stock subscription plans to a Creative Cloud for teams membership?

If you are a Creative Cloud team administrator, you can add Adobe Stock subscriptions in two ways:

  • From the Adobe Stock web site: Go to https://creative.adobe.com/plans, click the Business tab, and then click Select Your Plans.
  • Via the Creative Cloud for teams Admin Console: Log into your team admin panel on creative.adobe.com, click Add Licenses, then select the desired Adobe Stock subscriptions from the pull-down menu. Once purchased, you can assign the subscriptions to any team member (including yourself) and the image licenses will be shared with the entire team.

I am a Creative Cloud for teams administrator and have purchased a subscription for Adobe Stock. Can all of my team delegates license images from this subscription?

With Adobe Stock for teams, admins can manage Adobe Stock using the same Admin Console as their Creative Cloud for teams membership. Only one plan is needed per team, but multiple plans may be added to a team if required. All members of the team will be able to use the pooled licenses and each licensed asset can be used by up to 10 team members. This pooled licensing feature and the ability to share licensed assets are not available for individual Creative Cloud users.

Who owns the pooled licenses? And who can use them?

The Adobe Stock subscription plan belongs to the business entity and the rights to any content licensed from the subscription plan are also owned by the business entity. All team members can use the shared plan to license images, templates, and 3D assets. In team subscriptions, each licensed asset can be shared with up to 10 team members. If the licensed asset is being used for a client, it must be licensed per client project.

How should I activate the Adobe Stock plan for teams that I purchased recently?

Once purchased, the Adobe Stock subscription must be assigned to a user for activation. Adobe Stock can be assigned to a team delegate or an admin user, with all team members having access to the pooled image licenses. Teams have pooled licensing, so all team members will have access to an added subscription regardless of which delegate is shown as the assigned user.


All team members who are either administrators or assigned to a product (Adobe Stock or any other product like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.) can access the pooled images.

What happens if I don’t use all my monthly licenses in a given month?

With the 10 assets per month plan, unused licenses roll over to the next month as long as your subscription is active (up to 120 licenses). With the 40-assets per month plan, unused licenses roll over to the next month as long as your subscription is active (up to 480 licenses). With the largest team subscription plan option, which includes 750 assets per month, unused licenses do not roll over.

What if my team uses up all of our image licenses for the month?

If the team licenses are depleted for the month or if a team member attempts to license an asset that is not included in a subscription plan (such as a video), the user will be able to complete the transaction online with a credit card payment. This is only available in the countries where Adobe Stock is sold directly on Adobe.com and stock.adobe.com.

Does an Adobe Stock membership co-terminate with a customer’s Creative Cloud for teams membership?

Yes. If an administrator adds an Adobe Stock for teams plan to the same account, then the subscriptions will co-terminate. Please note that once the Adobe Stock subscription terminates, any unused licenses are lost.

Can I upgrade from Creative Cloud for teams All Apps (or Single App) to the Creative Cloud for teams All Apps + Adobe Stock bundle?

Existing Creative Cloud for teams customers can add on a separate Adobe Stock subscription (or a combination of multiple Adobe Stock subscriptions) to their existing Creative Cloud for teams membership. If you are interested in changing plans, you can do so at renewal.

Are there any restrictions on how many times a licensed asset is allowed to be used and/or printed?

Adobe Stock for teams subscriptions provide access to standard images and templates. Standard images come with a Standard License by default, while templates and 3D assets come with Enhanced Licenses by default. For details on the different license types applicable to Adobe Stock for teams subscriptions, see the License Terms.

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