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Adobe Stock known issues and limitations

Find out Adobe Stock known issues and limitations.

Welcome to Adobe Stock! This article lists known issues and limitations not discussed in the Stock documentation.

Use of images on book/e-book covers

Use of Stock images on book or e-book covers is allowed if the print run is fewer than 500,000 copies (Adobe Stock limit). Images showing models can't be used in a manner that the models could perceive as offensive. (For example, avoid using images with models on the cover of a steamy romance novel or a book about politics or religion, etc.)

Use of images as logos or trademarks

You can't use Adobe Stock images as part of a logo, trademark, or company identity. Typically, individuals and businesses using logos with graphic elements own the copyrights to those graphics. The Stock license grants you the right to use images under certain conditions, but it doesn't transfer copyright. Stock’s contributing artists retain all copyrights to their images.

Difference between image measurements

You might notice that the measurement listed next to an image when you're previewing it is different from the file size of the image. For example, the image measurement might be 4 MP, while the file size is 785 KB. These are two different measurements. Megapixels (MP) describe the pixel dimensions of the image, and kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB) measure the size of the file.

Internet browser issues and limitations

AOL browsers aren't currently supported.

Sometimes Google Chrome doesn't properly display all items on the Stock website. If you have trouble using Chrome, clear your cache and browsing history, or view the Stock website in a different browser.

Image resolution

All Stock images are provided in their highest available resolution. Most images can be used for high-quality printed documents in 300 dpi. Vector files can be printed in all formats without quality loss.

Image dimensions for displaying images on web pages

There are no size restrictions on Stock images used in a website.

Downloaded images appear as Internet Explorer icons

If an image you downloaded appears as an Internet Explorer icon, the image is in SVG vector format. You need Adobe Illustrator to work with SVG images. If you don't have Illustrator, download the image as a JPEG.


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