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Upgrade storage for Adobe Fresco

Understand how storage works and how to manage and upgrade storage for Adobe Fresco.

All Adobe Fresco plans come with cloud storage. This allows you to access your Adobe Fresco documents on all your devices, so you can create and share your artwork from any device, wherever you go. Read on to understand how you can upgrade and manage your cloud storage. 

How much storage am I entitled to?


Base cloud storage entitlement

Adobe Fresco Single App (Free)

2 GB

Adobe Fresco Single App (Paid)

Adobe Photoshop Single App (Paid)

Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps (Paid)

100 GB

If you are using the Adobe Fresco Single App (Free) plan, you are entitled to 2 GB of cloud storage. If you run out of storage, you can upgrade to a paid plan. 

I have a free plan. How do I upgrade to a paid plan and get more storage?

If you are using the free, starter plan of Adobe Fresco, your cloud storage is limited to 2 GB. You also don't get all of the premium features of Adobe Fresco.

Upgrade to a paid plan to get 100 GB of storage and enjoy all of Adobe Fresco's premium features. 

For step-by-step instructions, see How to upgrade to a paid plan of Adobe Fresco.

I have a paid plan. Can I upgrade my storage?

If you are a paid subscriber of Adobe Fresco,  you can upgrade your storage from Adobe's upgrade storage site.

How do I free up space from my cloud storage?

If you have reached your storage limit, you can either upgrade your storage or delete older projects to free up space.

  1. From the Your work tab on your Adobe Fresco home screen,  tap on ... next to any of your cloud documents, and tap Delete.

  2. To permanently delete a document, tap Deleted and tap on ... next to the deleted document, and tap Permanently Delete.

What happens to my assets when I cancel my paid subscription?

If you cancel your paid subscription and revert to the free level, you would still have storage of 2 GB. You will be able to access  your assets created using your paid subscription but you won’t be able to add assets beyond your allocated 2 GB.

I need more help...

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