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Manage Adobe Premiere Rush subscriptions on Android

Learn how to download, install, manage, and cancel Adobe Premiere Rush subscriptions purchased from the Google Play Store on Android phones.

Download and install Premiere Rush on Android

You can download Premiere Rush from Google Play or the Galaxy Store for free and sign up for your free starter plan that includes:

  • Simple, yet powerful tools to create stand-out videos
  • Create and export unlimited free videos
  • The option to try Premium features in your projects before you upgrade and
  • Access to Adobe Fonts and Adobe Portfolio

For a list of supported handsets, see System requirements.

Upgrade to a paid Premiere Rush subscription


If you have the all apps Creative Cloud subscription or the Premiere Pro single app subscription, you don't have to purchase Premiere Rush; it's already included in your plan.

  1. Tap the Settings icon in the Premiere Rush app.

    The Settings icon in Premiere Rush
    The Settings icon in Premiere Rush

  2. Tap Upgrade Rush.

    Upgrade to a paid Premiere Rush subscription
    Upgrade to a paid Premiere Rush subscription

  3. Tap Buy Now

Cancel Premiere Rush subscription


Cancel instructions

Purchased from Google Play Store?

Purchased from Samsung Galaxy Store?

  1. Launch the Samsung Galaxy Store from your device.
  2. Tap More Options > My Apps > Receipts > Items.
  3. Scroll down and tap Unsubscribe.

If you no longer have a Samsung device, contact Samsung to cancel your Rush subscription.


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