Fixed issues in Adobe Audition

We heard you! We have been working hard to fix issues in the latest release of Adobe Audition.

Fixed issues in Adobe Audition version 14.4

  • Incorrect sample rate was displayed in the audio hardware preference for MME (Windows) if system default input and output are used and the input and output sample rates differ.
  •  If file is cut into two or more clips, Strip Silence doesn't analyze, strip, or split beyond the first clip.
  • Audition could crash while opening video file when both Preview Editor and Spectral Pitch are open.
  • Audition could crash when making a selection in the Waveform editor when Preview Editor and Spectral Frequency are open.
  • Loudness Radar is listed as a track and clip effect in Mac ARM native Audition.
  • CD burning library could not be loaded on Windows machines.

Fixed issues in Adobe Audition version 14.1

  • Spectral Frequency Display does not show correct data while recording in Waveform Editor.
  • Clicking Repair on one click in the DeClicker removes all of the other clicks from the Repair list if one channel is disabled in the Waveform Editor
  • DeClicker doesn't repair the "click(s)" in any of the channels if one channel is disabled.
  • Audition could crash when canceling "Adaptive multichannel tracks have been converted to multiple mono tracks" warning dialog when opening a .prproj in Audition.
  • HUD did not work after recording a clip to a selection in the Waveform Editor.
  • Effect presets in Chorus/Flanger, DeEsser, and Vocal Enhancer cannot be selected after importing older version prefs in AU 14.0.

Fixed issues in Adobe Audition version 14.0

  • Multitrack mixdown does not remember the MP3 bit rate setting last used.
  • When exporting a session with copies of associated files, files might export with default format.
  • Keyframe at clip edge disappears at certain clip lengths / zoom levels.
  • Symmetrical fades on MT clips always forces Cosine Fade on the mirrored fade.
  • Rescanning VST/VST3/AU effects after initial scan can fail.

Download the release with the latest fixes

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