List of known issues in Character Animator CC (October 2017)

Issue related to rendering of scenes

Issue: While rendering scenes, the scene doesn't show any content and only shows the current background color.


  • Click the Refresh Scene button at the bottom of the Scene panel. 
  • If that doesn't work, try Option-clicking (Mac) / Alt-clicking (Windows) Refresh Scene. 
  • If you still face the issue, please file a bug report and attach a project or artwork file.

Issue related to rendering of Illustrator files

Issue: In an Illustrator file, layers and groups with “Guide” in their name will not be interpreted as guides/handles, and their content still render even if muted in the artwork file. Only paths are supported by Character Animator CC.

Issue with dragging a puppet that has a Draggable tag on the top-level origin handle

Issue: Applying the Draggable handle tag to the top-level origin handle for a puppet won’t allow the puppet to be dragged in the scene.

Workaround: If the puppet’s layers are enclosed in a single top-level group, apply the Draggable tag to that group’s origin.

Issue with behaviors in projects created in earlier (Beta) versions of Character Animator

Issue:  Face, Keyboard Triggers, and Lip Sync behaviors in projects and puppet files created in earlier (Beta) versions of Character Animator might appear as obsolete (with “(obsolete)” after their names) when opened in the latest Character Animator CC, but will still work. However, they will not benefit from improvements made in newer versions.

Workaround: If you wish to update the obsolete behaviors to the latest versions, and do not have any recordings for them, or if you don't mind losing the recordings, select the puppet in the Project panel, remove the obsolete behaviors, and add the newer versions of the behaviors. For the obsolete Keyboard Triggers, replace with Triggers.

If you update the behaviors for a puppet imported from a .puppet file, be sure to export a new .puppet file to share with other users that have a similar version of Character Animator CC; they cannot be imported into earlier versions of Character Animator once re-exported.

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