Migrating to an enhanced Adobe licensing experience for Value Incentive Plan (VIP) Members

We’re working to improve the way you and your organization purchase Adobe products and services. When placing your order with your Account Manager at your next renewal, you will have the opportunity to migrate to an enhanced buying experience.

The benefits of migrating to this new experience are:


Existing VIP

New Experience 

VIP Member ID


New Adobe account ID


Each renewal order is manually placed with Account Manager

Auto-renewals are supported to ensure consistent access to products and services 

Currency Support

Limited to USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, and AUD 

More local currencies supported

Payment Plan

Annual plan, prepaid

Annual plan, prepaid or Annual Plan, paid monthly 


Automatically generated with each order

Automatically generated with each order plus historical copies available in Adobe Admin Console


Contact Account Manager for quote

Self-service online or by calling telesales. 

Governing Terms

VIP Terms 

Frequently asked questions

Existing VIP Members will be eligible to migrate if they meet the following criteria:

  • All purchases have been made directly with Adobe 

  • Member is not currently on a VIP Select level

  • Member has only team subscription products 

  • Member has a Commercial account

Place your renewal order with your Account Manager when you enter your renewal window. Your Account Manager will review all the specifics about the migration, the Adobe General Terms of Use, and Subscription and Cancellation terms with you. Once you agree to the terms, your migration will be scheduled, and your order will be placed on your anniversary date.

You can review the full version of the terms here: www.adobe.com/go/terms.

  • Your Account Manager will contact you to discuss your renewal order and the benefits of migrating to the enhanced Adobe licensing experience.


You can use only one payment type of either credit card or Purchase Order for renewal orders.

  • If you place your order before your Anniversary Date, your migration will be processed on your Anniversary Date.
  • If you place the order after your Anniversary Date, your migration will be processed immediately.

  • Your users and license assignments will be kept intact during the migration. 

  • After your migration is complete, you will see the updated experience upon your next login to the Adobe Admin Console.

Your migration will be scheduled to begin on your Anniversary Date. Once your migration begins, the process to update your experience should take approximately 2-3 minutes. During this time, you cannot change your users or license assignments in the Admin Console. Admins should log out during the migration.

No, you will no longer be a member of the Value Incentive Plan Licensing Program. Instead, you will be part of Adobe’s standard buying experience, which provides more flexibility with local currency, PO purchases, invoicing, billing, and so on. You will not lose any features or capabilities that you had previously on VIP.

The new experience currently doesn't provide Volume-based discounts. Only the members currently not on a VIP Select level are offered to migrate.

No, any licenses added in the Admin Console during your renewal window will be canceled upon migration. Make sure to include all needed licenses in your renewal order or wait until the migration is complete before you add more licenses.

Yes, when you discuss the benefits of migration with your Account Manager and you decide not to migrate. Inform your Account Manager that you prefer to remain a VIP member, and they will process your renewal order as usual.

If you opted into the migration and change your mind before your migration begins, you can contact your Account Manager to make the necessary changes.

Members are encouraged to migrate to the new experience if it best fits their needs. Your Account Manager will discuss the benefits and considerations with you before beginning the migration process.

If you have issues or concerns with your account after the migration is completed, contact your Account Manager.


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